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American Institute of Physics United States
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Review of Scientific Instruments is a journal indexed in SJR in Medicine (miscellaneous) and Instrumentation with an H index of 165. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,605 and it has a best quartile of Q2. It is published in English.

Review of Scientific Instruments focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: ion, measurements, laser, scanning, system, technique, optical, frequency, measurement, magnetic, ...

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Review of Scientific Instruments


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Aims and Scope

ion, measurements, laser, scanning, system, technique, optical, frequency, measurement, magnetic, temperature, amplifier, field, microwave, beam, electron, tunneling, surface, small, power, phase, nuclear, characterization,

Best articles

A motional stark effect instrument to measure q(R) on the C-mod tokamak

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A new method for measuring the retardation of a photoelastic modulator using single photon counting techniques

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A new method on recycling coefficient measurement using impurity pellet injection in a large helical device

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A novel instrument to measure differential ablation of meteorite samples and proxies: The Meteoric Ablation Simulator (MASI)

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A setup for ultrafast time-resolved x-ray absorption spectroscopy

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A simple air wedge shearing interferometer for studying exploding wires

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A simple setup to simultaneously measure the resonant frequency and the absolute dissipation factor of a quartz crystal microbalance

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A state observer for the Virgo inverted pendulum

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A system for the inspection and quality control of glass slabs

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Accurate analysis of the bubble formation process in maximum bubble pressure tensiometry

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An optical absolute position measurement method using a phase-encoded single track binary code

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Analog-to-digital converters nonlinear errors correction in thermal diagnostics for the laser interferometer space antenna mission

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Application of diamond window for infrared laser diagnostics in a tokamak device

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Application of modulated photothermal radiometry to infrared transparent samples

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Automatic system to control the operation of an extended cavity diode laser

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Axisymmetric drop shape analysis as penetration Langmuir balance

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Beamline electrostatic levitator forin situhigh energy x-ray diffraction studies of levitated solids and liquids

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Blind source separation based x-ray image denoising from an image sequence

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Bolometric technique for high-resolution broadband microwave spectroscopy of ultra-low-loss samples

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Broadband photoacoustic spectroscopy using a free-electron laser

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Characteristics of electron cyclotron resonance plasma generated in a rectangular waveguide by high-power microwave

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Charge exchange recombination spectroscopy on Alcator C-Mod

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Chemical ionization tandem mass spectrometer for the in situ measurement of methyl hydrogen peroxide

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CO2 laser imaging interferometer on LHD

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