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Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) United States
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SPE Journal is a journal indexed in SJR in Energy (miscellaneous) and Energy Engineering and Power Technology with an H index of 115. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,144 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,144.

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SPE Journal


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Aims and Scope

Best articles by citations

Hyper-Reduced-Order Models for Subsurface Flow Simulation

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An Investigation Into Optimal Solvent Use and the Nature of Vapor/Liquid Interface in Solvent-Aided SAGD Process With a Semianalytical Approach

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Data Assimilation for Strongly Nonlinear Problems by Transformed Ensemble Kalman Filter

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Approximate Physics-Discrete Simulation of the Steam-Chamber Evolution in Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage

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A Novel Alkaline/Surfactant/Foam Enhanced Oil Recovery Process

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Influence of Pressure Difference Between Reservoir and Production Well on Steam-Chamber Propagation and Reservoir-Production Performance

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Data Assimilation Using the Constrained Ensemble Kalman Filter

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Predicting Sorption-Induced Strain and Permeability Increase With Depletion for Coalbed-Methane Reservoirs

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A Comprehensive Model of High-Rate Matrix-Acid Stimulation for Long Horizontal Wells in Carbonate Reservoirs: Part II--Wellbore/Reservoir Coupled-Flow Modeling and Field Application

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Nanoparticle and Microparticle Flow in Porous and Fractured Media--An Experimental Study

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Viscous-Fingering Function for Unstable Immiscible Flows (includes associated Erratum)

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Mechanistic Simulation of Polymer Injectivity in Field Tests

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Effects of Entrained Hydrocarbon and Organic-Matter Components on Reservoir Quality of Organic-Rich Shales: Implications for "Sweet Spot" Identification and Enhanced-Oil-Recovery Applications in the Duvernay Formation (Canada)

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Measurement and Modeling of Solubility and Saturated-Liquid Density and Viscosity for Methane/Athabasca-Bitumen Mixtures

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Controlling the Height of Multiple Hydraulic Fractures in Layered Media

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A Mechanistic Model for Horizontal Gravel Pack Displacement

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Modeling of Fracture Width and Conductivity in Channel Fracturing With Nonlinear Proppant-Pillar Deformation

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Fracture Characterization Using Flowback Salt-Concentration Transient

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Optimal Synthesis, Characterization, and Performance Evaluation of High-Pressure High-Temperature Polymer-Based Drilling Fluid: The Effect of Viscoelasticity on Cutting Transport, Filtration Loss, and Lubricity

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Application of Multiple-Mixing-Cell Method to Improve Speed and Robustness of Compositional Simulation

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Nonlinear Finite Volume Method for 3D Discrete Fracture-Matrix Simulations

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Coupled Geomechanics and Reservoir Simulation

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CO2: One-Component Two-Phase System as Model Fluid for High-Pressure Hydrocarbon Systems

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An Iterative Ensemble Kalman Filter for Multiphase Fluid Flow Data Assimilation

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