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Surface Science is a journal indexed in SJR in Materials Chemistry and Surfaces, Coatings and Films with an H index of 159. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,385 and it has a best quartile of Q3. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,385.

Surface Science focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: interactions, surface, silicon, growth, surfaces, dehydrogenation, depositionstripping, dielectric, decomposition, deposition, ...

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Surface Science


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Aims and Scope

interactions, surface, silicon, growth, surfaces, dehydrogenation, depositionstripping, dielectric, decomposition, deposition, electronicsthe, electroreflectanceenergetics, epitaxythirdderivative, fe, filmsarsenic, finite, force, formation, datomsa, cyclessurfaces, artifacts, atomic, attenuated, au, beam, bilayer, bonded, breakdown, carlo, chloride, clean, compoundsrairs, cu, cunucleation,

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Surface reactivity of the alkali-metal-induced Ge()-3?o1 surface under ultrahigh vacuum

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Vibrational states on lithium and sodium surfaces

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Influence of the nature of the (0001) alumina surface on thin film growth

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Carbonate co-adsorption geometry on TiO2(110)1?o1-Na

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Molecular dynamics study of adatom diffusion on Si(100) surface - importance of the exchange mechanism

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Oxidation of CO by molecular oxygen adsorbed on Ag(110)

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Sum-frequency generation spectroscopic study of CO adsorption and dissociation on Pt(111) at high pressure and temperature

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An angle-scanned photoelectron diffraction (XPD) study of the growth and structure of ultrathin Fe films on Au(001)

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Quasicrystalline surface order on decagonal Al72.1Ni11.5Co16.4: An investigation with spot profile analysis LEED

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Unique edge structure and stability of fabricated dimer islands on Si(001)

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The growth mechanism and structure of ultrathin cobalt films deposited on the Pd(111) surface

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Adsorption of acrylic acid on aluminium at 300 K: a multi-spectroscopic study

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Complex diffusion mechanisms of a silicon adatom on hydrogenated Si(100) surfaces: on terraces and near steps

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Reactions between NO and CO on rhodium (111): an elementary step approach

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The structure of Co films on Cu(111) up to 15 ML

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Emission of silicon clusters by high-density excitation

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High precision LEED structure analysis of ultra-thin epitaxial fcc Fe films on Cu(100)

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Ageing of an organosiloxane deposit in a cold remote nitrogen plasma: XPS investigation

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Stability of small iridium clusters near the Ir(111) surface

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Micropore formation mechanisms in gammaAl2O3

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Oxidation of the H-Si(111)-1?o1 surface: high resolution Si 2p core-level spectroscopy with synchrotron radiation

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Electron-phonon interaction of quantum-well states on Ag nanofilms studied by temperature-dependent photoemission spectroscopy

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Surface and subsurface alloy formation of vanadium on Pd(111)

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Electron-stimulated dissociation of ammonia on Pt(111): observation of gas-phase atomic hydrogen

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