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Surface Science focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: interactions, surface, silicon, growth, surfaces, dehydrogenation, depositionstripping, dielectric, decomposition, deposition, ...

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Surface Science


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interactions, surface, silicon, growth, surfaces, dehydrogenation, depositionstripping, dielectric, decomposition, deposition, electronicsthe, electroreflectanceenergetics, epitaxythirdderivative, fe, filmsarsenic, finite, force, formation, datomsa, cyclessurfaces, artifacts, atomic, attenuated, au, beam, bilayer, bonded, breakdown, carlo, chloride, clean, compoundsrairs, cu, cunucleation, NA

Best articles

A fourier transform infrared study of the repulsive interactions and orientation of 1-butene and isobutylene on Ag(110)

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A spectroscopic study of the chemistry and reactivity of SO2 on Pt{111}: reactions with O2, CO and C3H6

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a-Sn pseudomorphic growth on InSb (111) and () surfaces: a high-resolution photoemission study

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Acoustic scattering by a wire deposited on a planar surface

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Adsorption of acrylic acid on aluminium at 300 K: a multi-spectroscopic study

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Adsorption structure of 1,3-butadiene on Pd(110)

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Ageing of an organosiloxane deposit in a cold remote nitrogen plasma: XPS investigation

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Alkali-promoted oxidation of Al(111): and coadsorption and the role of surface structure

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An angle-scanned photoelectron diffraction (XPD) study of the growth and structure of ultrathin Fe films on Au(001)

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An EELS study of the effect of 2 keV Ar+ ion irradiation on thin C60 films

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An intermediate (1.0-1.5 monolayers) stage of heteroepitaxial growth of InAs on GaAs(100) during submonolayer molecular beam epitaxy

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Anomalous weak bonding of Si dimers on the SiC(001) surface?

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ARUPS study of graphitic boron terminated WB2(0001) surface

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Auger electron diffraction study of Fe1-xNix alloys epitaxially grown on Cu(100)

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Bonding and structure of the Si(001)(2 ?o 1)-Sb surface

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Carbonate co-adsorption geometry on TiO2(110)1?o1-Na

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Circular dichroism in photoemission from Xe and Kr on Pt(111)

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Complex diffusion mechanisms of a silicon adatom on hydrogenated Si(100) surfaces: on terraces and near steps

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Deformation of the contact region and adhesional friction between nanoprobe and surface

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Effect of dissolved oxygen on etching process of Si(111)in 2.5% NH3 solution

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Effect of environmental O2 on the dynamical process of the Si(111)'1?o1'=>7?o7 structural phase transition

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Effects of buffer layer thickness and film compositional grading on strain relaxation kinetics in InAs/GaAs(111)A heteroepitaxy

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Effects of surface imperfections on the binding of CH3OH and H2O on FeS2(100): using adsorbed Xe as a probe of mineral surface structure

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Electron-phonon interaction of quantum-well states on Ag nanofilms studied by temperature-dependent photoemission spectroscopy

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