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The Analyst is a journal indexed in SJR in Biochemistry and Analytical Chemistry with an H index of 169. It has a price of 3000 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,789 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,789.

The Analyst focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: mass, based, detection, sensitive, spectrometry, determination, protein, universal, carbon, sensor, ...

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The Analyst


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Aims and Scope

mass, based, detection, sensitive, spectrometry, determination, protein, universal, carbon, sensor, coupled, cancer, glassy, kidney, amperometric, approach, complex, zn, transthyretin, speciation, plasma, patients, ion, electrochemical, copper,

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Nitrite reduction and detection at a carbon paste electrode containing hemoglobin and colloidal gold

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Determination of physical properties of bitumens by use of near-infrared spectroscopy with neural networks. Joint modelling of linear and non-linear parameters

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Establishing the synthetic origin of amphetamines by 2H NMR spectroscopy

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Determination of diphenylamine stabilizer and its nitrated derivatives in smokeless gunpowder using a tandem MS method

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Liquid chromatography with amperometric detection at a nano crystalline Ce-doped lead dioxide film modified electrode for determination of (R)-Salsolinol, (R)-N-methylsalsolinol and monoamine neurotransmitters in Parkinsonian patients' cerebrospinal

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On-column amperometric detection of ofloxacin and pasiniazid in urine by capillary electrophoresis with an improved fractured joint and small detection cell

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Trace ion analysis of sea water by capillary electrophoresis: determination of strontium and lithium pre-concentrated by transient isotachophoresis

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Development of a dual luciferase reporter screening assay for the detection of synthetic glucocorticoids in animal tissues

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Exposure to 4,4'-methylenediphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) during moulding of rigid polyurethane foam: determination of airborne MDI and urinary 4,4'-methylenedianiline (MDA)

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An investigation of the chemical stability of arsenosugars in basic environments using IC-ICP-MS and IC-ESI-MS/MS

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Determination of DNA by Rayleigh light scattering enhancement of molecular "light switches"

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Micro-filtration - a review

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Determination of acetonitrile and ethanol in water by guided microwave spectroscopy with multivariate calibration

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Uptake of chromate in human red blood cells and isolated rat liver cells: the role of the anion carrier

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Optimisation of high-performance liquid chromatography with diode array detection using an automatic peak tracking procedure based on augmented iterative target transformation factor analysis

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Capillary array electrophoresis with confocal fluorescence rotary scanner

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Genotyping using single nucleotide polymorphism, fluorescence spectroscopy and pattern recognition

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Study of the spectrophotometric analysis of protein solution with p-iodochlorophosphonazo as adsorbate by the microphase adsorption-spectral correction technique

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Analysis of benzene ethylamine derivatives in urine using the programmable dynamic liquid-phase microextraction (LPME) device

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Estimating and correcting interference fringes in infrared spectra in infrared hyperspectral imaging

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Quantitative surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of dipicolinic acid - towards rapid anthrax endospore detection

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Protein microarray scanning in label-free format by Kelvin nanoprobe

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Label/quencher-free detection of single-nucleotide changes in DNA using isothermal amplification and G-quadruplexes

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