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For more than 50 years, TCA has published high-quality papers in all fields of theoretical chemistry, computational chemistry, and modeling. The journal continues to be a premier forum both for fundamental studies as well as applications. In many cases, theorists and computational chemists have special concerns which reach either across the vertical borders of the special disciplines in chemistry or else across the horizontal borders of structure, spectra, synthesis, and dynamics. TCA is especially interested in such papers that impact upon multiple chemical disciplines. Faster publication through consecutive article publishingAttractive topical paper collectionsFeature Articles by leading theoretical chemists It has an SJR impact factor of 0,36.

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Theoretical Chemistry Accounts


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Thermodynamic properties of small rare gas clusters by path integral Monte Carlo simulations: a preliminary study

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A possible role of histidine residues in long-range electron transfer in proteins

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The optimal size of the exchange hole and reduction to one-particle Hamiltonians

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"Perspective on ""Benzynes, dehydroconjugated molecules, and the interaction of orbitals separated by a number of intervening s bonds"

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"Perspective on ""Exchange reactions with activation energy. I. Simple barrier potential for (H, H 2 )"

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Ab initio and density functional studies on the structure and vibrational spectra of 2-hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone-1-oxime derivatives

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"Perspective on ""Self-consistent equations including exchange and correlation effects"

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"Perspective on ""Semiclassical theory of atom-diatom collisions: path integrals and the classical S matrix"

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Transferable group contributions for a variety of chemical phenomena and compounds

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Evaluation of an ab initio quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical hybrid-potential link-atom method

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A theoretical study of radical-only and combined radical/carbocationic mechanisms of arachidonic acid cyclooxygenation by prostaglandin H synthase

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A theoretical study of the H2SO4+H2O => HSO4

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"Physical analysis of the diatomic ""chemical"" energy components"

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Ab initio investigation of the vibrational hyper-Raman spectra of ethylene, ethane, and dimethyl ether

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A study of amino-protecting groups using the polarizable continuum model (PCM)

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Continuum solvation of large molecules described by QM/MM: a semi-iterative implementation of the PCM/EFP interface

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Subshell-pair interelectronic angles of atoms

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Semiempirical QM/MM potential with simple valence bond (SVB) for enzyme reactions. Application to the nucleophilic addition reaction in haloalkane dehalogenase

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Investigation of the S 0 ?S 1 excitation in bacteriorhodopsin with the ONIOM(MO:MM) hybrid method

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Rationalization of the optical rotatory power of chiral molecules into atomic terms: a study of N 2 H 4

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Self-consistent-field -Hartree-Fock method with finite nuclear mass corrections

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Molecular properties of molecules between electrodes

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Accurate energies calculated by empirical corrections to the local spin density approximation

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