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Topics in Catalysis publishes topical collections in all fields of catalysis which are composed only of invited articles from leading authors. The journal documents today’s emerging and critical trends in all branches of catalysis. Each themed issue is organized by renowned Guest Editors in collaboration with the Editors-in-Chief. Proposals for new topics are welcome and should be submitted directly to the Editors-in-Chief. The publication of individual uninvited original research articles can be sent to our sister journal Catalysis Letters. This journal aims for rapid publication of high-impact original research articles in all fields of both applied and theoretical catalysis, including heterogeneous, homogeneous and biocatalysis. Publishes in all fields of CatalysisPublishes special issues on themes of current interest in catalysis science and technologyAttracts articles from distinguished contributors It has an SJR impact factor of 0,624.

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Topics in Catalysis


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Best articles by citations

Comparison of the activity of Au/CeO2 and Au/Fe2O3 catalysts for the CO oxidation and the water-gas shift reactions

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A New Preparation Method of Bimodal Catalyst Support and Its Application in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

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TEMPO-Mediated Oxidation of Polysaccharides: Survey of Methods and Applications

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Restructuring of Hydrogenation Metal Catalysts Under the Influence of CO and H2

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Investigation of NO Adsorption and NO/O2Co-adsorption on NOx-Storage-Components by DRIFT-Spectroscopy

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A Mechanistic Study of the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Using Transient Isotopic Tracing. Part-1: Model Identification and Discrimination

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From Native Starch to Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Products: A Catalytic Approach

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The Importance of Strongly Bound Pt-CeO x Species for the Water-gas Shift Reaction: Catalyst Activity and Stability Evaluation

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XAS of carbon supported platinum fuel cell electrocatalysts: advances towards real time investigations

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Oxidation of Two Major Disaccharides: Sucrose and Isomaltulose

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IR-study of formation of nitrite and nitrate during NOx-adsorption on NSR-catalysts-compounds CeO2 and BaO/CeO2

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Improved Synthesis and Physicochemical Properties of Alkoxylated Inulin

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Low-Temperature Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis on Cobalt Catalysts - Effects of CO2

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Commercial Deployment of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: The Coproduction Option

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Rare earths based oxides as alternative materials to Ba in NOx-trap catalysts

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Trends in Fischer-Tropsch Reactor Technology - Opportunities for Structured Reactors

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The Preparation of Fatty Acid Esters by Means of Catalytic Reactions

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Application of Galactose Oxidase in Chemoenzymatic One-Pot Cascade Reactions Without Intermediate Recovery Steps

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Temporal Changes of Fischer-Tropsch Activity and Selectivity Using Ruthenium

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Comparative Study of Lewis Acid Transformation on Non-reducible and Reducible Oxides Under Hydrogen Atmosphere by In Situ DRIFTS of Adsorbed NH3

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Mono- and Bifunctional Heterogeneous Catalytic Transformation of Terpenes and Terpenoids

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Catalytic Metathesis of Unsaturated Fatty Acid Esters and Oils

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