Best Oncology Journals


Best Oncology Journals


Following our last post about the best science journals, in today’s post we will be presenting the best Oncology journals. We will choose these journals based on it’s impact factor, which nowadays, is an essential tool to establish the importance of a journal on it’s category. As you will appretiate, the journals dedicated to the research of cancer have some of the greatest JCR index in CountryOfPapers data base.

According to SJR (Scimago Journal Rank) information, the 3 best Oncology journals in 2018 are:

1.- CA - A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.

As we explained in our last “Best Science Journals” post, this journal has a SJR index of 72.576, the highest in Oncology Journals. In fact, it is the flagship journal of the American Cancer Society, published by Wiley-Blackwell. It’s content is directed to oncology specialists and other professionals who interact with cancer patients. Finally, it’s Article Processing Fee (APC) goes around 3.000€.

2.- Nature Reviews Cancer.

Nature Reviews Cancer” is a monthly review journal for all researchers working on cancer and is subscription based. It has a SJR index of 28.061 and occupies the second position in our top 3. Published by Nature Publishing Group, this journal provides Research Highlights, Comments, Reviews and Perspectives relevant to cancer researchers. 

3.- The Lancet Oncology.

The Lancet Oncology was launched in September, 2000, as a lively and informative monthly journal covering international issues relevant to clinical cancer specialists worldwide. We must highlight that “The Lancet Oncology” is a hybrid open access journal, which allows the gold and green open access publication method. This journal has a SJR index of 18.073 and it’s APC is 5.000 USD in case the researchers decide to publish their paper by the gold open access option.

In case you want to know further information about the different types of open access journals, you can visit our post “Open Access Journals”, where we explain in detail the previously mentioned gold and green open access publication.

As you will see, Oncology counts with some interesting and highly impact journals. In fact, CA - A Cancer Journal for Clinicians counts with one of the highest impact factors in CountryOfPapers data base. 

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