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Advances in Water Resources is a journal indexed in SJR in Water Science and Technology with an H index of 160. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,194 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,194.

Advances in Water Resources focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: water, recommendationshp, realism, patterns, parametric, nonstationary, narrow, models, modelcholera, saline, ...

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Advances in Water Resources


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Aims and Scope

water, recommendationshp, realism, patterns, parametric, nonstationary, narrow, models, modelcholera, saline, spatialtemporal, haiti, wave, winddriven, targeted, storage, stability, methods, longterm, lakesconvective, discontinuous, dioxide, desertification, copulabased, contributing, commentbringing, circulation, carbon, downwelling, drivers, intensityduration, gonaives, global, galerkin, feedbacksekman, factors, dynamic,

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Generalized martingale model of the uncertainty evolution of streamflow forecasts

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"Sensitivity analysis of a pumping test on a well with wellbore storage and skin" by Z.J. Kabala [Adv. Water Resour. 24(5) (2001) 483-504]

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Dual states estimation of a subsurface flow-transport coupled model using ensemble Kalman filtering

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Time-mean structure of secondary flows in open channel with longitudinal bedforms

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Simulated changes due to global warming in the variability of precipitation, and their interpretation using a gamma-distributed stochastic model

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Comment on "Coupled reactive mass transport and fluid flow: issues in model verification" by Freedman and Ibaraki

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On the assimilation of uncertain physical knowledge bases: Bayesian and non-Bayesian techniques

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Untenable nonstationarity: An assessment of the fitness for purpose of trend tests in hydrology

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Uncertainty for solute movement in bounded heterogeneous porous media

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Role of model parameterization in risk-based decision support: An empirical exploration

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Watertable dynamics under capillary fringes: experiments and modelling [Advances in Water Resources 23 (2000) 503-515]

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A least-squares penalty method algorithm for inverse problems of steady-state aquifer models

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Hydrologic controls on soil carbon and nitrogen cycles. I. Modeling scheme

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Four decades of microwave satellite soil moisture observations: Part 2. Product validation and inter-satellite comparisons

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Large-eddy simulation of turbulent rectangular open-channel flow with an emergent rigid vegetation patch

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Central scheme for two-dimensional dam-break flow simulation

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Comment on "Layer averaged Richards' equation with lateral flow" by Praveen Kumar

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Water exclusion from tunnel cavities in the saturated capillary fringe

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Asymptotic regimes in unstable miscible displacements in random porous media

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Hydrological data assimilation with the Ensemble Square-Root-Filter: Use of streamflow observations to update model states for real-time flash flood forecasting

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Non-isothermal soil water transport and evaporation

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The accuracy of stochastic perturbation solutions to subsurface transport problems

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Modelling the fate of oxidisable organic contaminants in groundwater

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Multi-scale assimilation of surface soil moisture data for robust root zone moisture predictions

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