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American Mineralogist focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: mineral, environment, energy, emerging, elsevier, electron, edition, eclogite, dvory, evidence, ...

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mineral, environment, energy, emerging, elsevier, electron, edition, eclogite, dvory, evidence, evolution, ho, hg, h, geochemistry, form, fluid, fe, fall, dissolution, czech, cv, chondritemercury, application, aspects, assembly, atlantic, ba, biospherewills, bodycenteredcubic, bohemian, burlington, butterworthheinemann, carbonaceous, changing, chemical, coast, cratonic, NA

Best articles

A 94-layer long-period mica polytype: A TEM study

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A cold-sealing capsule design for synthesis of fluid inclusions and other hydrothermal experiments in a piston-cylinder apparatus

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A comparison between the stability fields of a Cl-rich scapolite and the end-member marialite

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A low-temperature heat-capacity study of synthetic anhydrous Mg-cordierite (Mg2Al4Si5O18)

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A zero-damage model for fission-track annealing in zircon

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An electron microprobe analysis, secondary ion mass spectrometry, and single-crystal X-ray diffraction study of phlogopites from Mt. Vulture, Potenza, Italy: Consideration of cation partitioning

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An FTIR study of hydrogen in anorthoclase and associated melt inclusions

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Analysis of hydrogen in olivine by SIMS: Evaluation of standards and protocol

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Anomalously high Fe contents in rehomogenized olivine-hosted melt inclusions from oxidized magmas

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Application of a new vanadium valence oxybarometer to basaltic glasses from the Earth, Moon, and Mars

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Combined neutron and X-ray diffraction determination of disorder in doped zirconolite-2M

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Compositional zoning in dolomite from lawsonite-bearing eclogite (SW Tianshan, China): Evidence for prograde metamorphism during subduction of oceanic crust

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Constraints on the early delivery and fractionation of Earth's major volatiles from C/H, C/N, and C/S ratios

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Constraints on the incorporation mechanism of chlorine in peralkaline and peraluminous Na2O-CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 glasses

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Crystal accumulation in a tilted arc batholith

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Crystal chemistry of synthetic Ca2Al3Si3O12OH-Sr2Al3Si3O12OH solid-solution series of zoisite and clinozoisite

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Crystal/melt partitioning of water and other volatiles during the near-solidus melting of mantle peridotite: Comparisons with non-volatile incompatible elements and implications for the generation of intraplate magmatism

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Crystallographic and fluid compositional effects on the halogen (Cl, F, Br, I) incorporation in pyromorphite-group minerals

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Dating mantle peridotites using Re-Os isotopes: The complex message from whole rocks, base metal sulfides, and platinum group minerals

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Dehydration processes in the meta-autunite group minerals meta-autunite, metasaleeite, and metatorbernite

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Disordered silica with tridymite-like structure in the Twiggs clay

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Dissolution kinetics of pyrochlore ceramics for the disposition of plutonium

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Effect of alkalis on the Fe oxidation state and local environment in peralkaline rhyolitic glasses

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Effect of high pressure on the crystal structure and electronic properties of magnetite below 25 GPa

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