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Applied Clay Science is a journal indexed in SJR in Geology and Geochemistry and Petrology with an H index of 160. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,998 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,998.

Applied Clay Science focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: application, water, clay, preparation, lowcost, levela, mineralogical, minimizing, risksolvothermal, nanocomposites, ...

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Categories: Geochemistry and Petrology (Q1) Geology (Q1) Soil Science (Q1) Water Science and Technology (Q1)

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Applied Clay Science


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Aims and Scope

application, water, clay, preparation, lowcost, levela, mineralogical, minimizing, risksolvothermal, nanocomposites, metal, nanoformulations, organomontmorillonites, oxide, pbii, phenanthroline, phenolcationic, photocatalytic, polymerorganosmectite, ions, intercalation, influence, argillic, catalyst, characterisation, clays, claysupported, compositeshealing, compounds, detection, dithiocarbamateanchored, electrochemical, environmental, geochemical, hydroxylation, imazamox,

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Diffusion behaviour of selenite and hydroselenide in compacted bentonite

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Water retention and diffusion in unsaturated clays: Connecting atomistic and pore scale simulations

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Change in microstructure of soils due to natural mineralization

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Complex-forming adsorbents based on kaolinite, aluminium oxide and polyphosphates for the extraction and concentration of heavy metal ions from water solutions

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Diffusion coefficients and accessible porosity for HTO and 36Cl in compacted FEBEX bentonite

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Characterization of natural phillipsite modified with orthophosphoric acid

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Diffusion control in thin clay films: tailoring layered clay film structures through control of aqueous electrolyte

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Structural model calculation of antimicrobial and antifungal agents derived from clay minerals

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Clay mineralogy of Thai soils

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Mineralogy, chemistry and potential applications of a white bentonite in San Juan province, Argentina

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The chemical behavior of natural zeolites in aqueous environments: Interactions between low-silica zeolites and 1 M NaCl solutions of different initial pH-values

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Diffusion experiments with compacted powder/pellets clay mixtures

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Measurement of self-diffusion coefficients of water in smectite by stimulated echo 1H nuclear magnetic resonance imaging

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Mass transport through defected bentonite plugs

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A comparison of extraction and suspension methods for determining exchangeable potassium in soils

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Effect of some salts on the viscosity of slip casting

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Clays in natural and engineered barriers for radioactive waste confinement

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Poroelastic parameters of Meuse/Haute Marne argillites: effect of loading and saturation states

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Adsorption of alizarinate-micelle complexes on Na-montmorillonite

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Poroplastic damage model for claystones

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Preparation and characterization of silylated-magadiites

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Aqueous polymerization of protonated 4-vinylpyridine in montmorillonite

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Permanganate-mediated dissolution of hydroxy-Cr interlayers from montmorillonite

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An experimental investigation on the effect of thixotropic aging on primary and secondary compression of reconstituted dredged clays

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