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Aquaculture is a journal indexed in SJR in Aquatic Science with an H index of 164. It has a price of 3600 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,037 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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Best articles

A cell line (EP-1 cell line) derived from "Beko disease" affected Japanese eel elver (Anguilla japonica) persistently infected with Pleistophora anguillarum

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A comparative study of sediments under a marine cage farm at Gran Canaria Island (Spain). Preliminary results

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A method for inducing muscle relaxation in the abalone, Haliotis iris

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A panel of minisatellite (VNTR) DNA locus specific probes for potential application to problems in salmonid aquaculture

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ACTH and MSH production in Japanese flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) larvae fed arachidonic acid-enriched live prey

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Affinity purification and partial characterisation of systemic immunoglobulin of the snapper (Pagrus auratus)

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Alcalase enzyme treatment for elimination of egg stickiness in tench, Tinca tinca L.

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Application of the microsatellite technique for analyzing genetic diversity in shrimp breeding programs

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Ascorbic acid availability from ascorbyl 2-polyphosphate and ascorbyl 2-sulfate in sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)

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Beta glucan binding protein and its role in shrimp immune response

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Biochemical genetic characterization of F1 reciprocal hybrids between neotropical pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus) and tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum) reared in Brazil

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Bioeconomic evaluation of different fry production systems for milkfish (Chanos chanos)

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Body composition of transgenic common carp, Cyprinus carpio, containing rainbow trout growth hormone gene

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Caiman latirostris growth: the effect of a management technique on the supplied temperature

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Comparative growth and food consumption of diploid and triploid brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) monitored by radiography

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Development of a tropical marine fish cell line from Asian seabass (Lates calcarifer) for virus isolation

View more

DNA fingerprint based analysis of paternal and maternal effects on offspring growth and survival in communally reared rainbow trout

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Effect of stocking density, oxygen level, light regime and swimming velocity on the incidence of sexual maturation in adult Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

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Effect of water temperature on survival, growth and phenotypic sex of mixed (XX-XY) progenies of Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus

View more

Effects of FinnStim on growth and sea water adaptation of Coho salmon

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Effects of restricted ration, time-restricted access and reward level on voluntary food intake, growth and growth heterogeneity of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fed on demand with self-feeders

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Effects of storage temperature and duration on the setting and post-set spat survival of the tropical oyster, Crassostrea iredalei (Faustino)

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Egg, larval, and fingerling traits of crosses among striped bass (Morone saxatilis), white bass (M. chrysops), and their F1 hybrids

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