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Biology and Fertility of Soils publishes in English original papers, reviews and short communications on all fundamental and applied aspects of biology – microflora and microfauna - and fertility of soils. It offers a forum for research aimed at broadening the understanding of biological functions, processes and interactions in soils, particularly concerning the increasing demands of agriculture, deforestation and industrialization. The journal includes articles on techniques and methods that evaluate processes, biogeochemical interactions and ecological stresses, and sometimes presents special issues on relevant topics. The Founding Editor is Johannes C. G. Ottow; the Editor-in-Chief is Paolo Nannipieri, Dipartimento Scienza del Suoloe Nutrizione della Pianta, Università di Firenze, Italy. Why publish with us Ranked in the top quartile of Soil Science journals worldwide, we publish high quality research, reviews, and position and opinion papers. We focus on fundamental and applied aspects of microflora, microfauna, and the fertility (productivity) of soils, and welcome Position and Opinion papers. We cover techniques and methods that evaluate processes, biogeochemical interactions and ecological stresses; and present special issues based on relevant topics and related meetings. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,591.

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Biology and Fertility of Soils


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