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BJN encompasses the full spectrum of nutritional science and submission of manuscripts that report studies in the following areas is strongly encouraged: Epidemiology, dietary surveys, nutritional requirements and behaviour, metabolic studies, body composition, energetics, appetite, obesity, ageing, endocrinology, immunology, neuroscience, microbiology, genetics, and molecular and cell biology. The focus of all manuscripts submitted to the journal should be to increase knowledge in nutritional s It has an SJR impact factor of 0,911.

British Journal of Nutrition focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: intake, effects, dietary, food, nutrition, review, body, diet, systematic, function, ...

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British Journal of Nutrition


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Aims and Scope

intake, effects, dietary, food, nutrition, review, body, diet, systematic, function, type, blood, calcium, fatty, lipid, cohort, consumption, d, v, tea, supplementation, study, status, relation, patterns, diabetes, insulin, health, growth,

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Fred Brouns. Essentials of Sports Nutrition, 2nd ed. Chichester, West Sussex: John Wiley2002, £24.95 (paperback). pp. 242. ISBN 0-471-49765-7

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Cold exposure down-regulates adiponutrin/PNPLA3 mRNA expression and affects its nutritional regulation in adipose tissues of lean and obese Zucker rats

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Decreased expression of the vitamin C transporter SVCT1 by ascorbic acid in a human intestinal epithelial cell line

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S. Ashcroft and C. Pereira. Practical Statistics for the Biological Sciences. Palgrave, Suffolk: Macmillan2003. pp. 148 + Appendices, Glossary and Index. ¬£18¬?99, ISBN 0 333 96044 0

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A review of the role of the gut microflora in irritable bowel syndrome and the effects of probiotics

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Impact of Ramadan diurnal intermittent fasting on the metabolic syndrome components in healthy, non-athletic Muslim people aged over 15 years: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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