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Calcified Tissue International was founded in 1967 under the name Calcified Tissue Research. Vols. 1-19 were edited by B.E.C. Nordin, F.G.E. Pautard, D. B. Scott, B.A. Friedman; Vols. 20-22 by B.E.C. Nordin, F.G.E. Pautard, B.A. Friedman, L. Klein; Vols. 23-24 by W.D. Armstrong. Beginning with Vol. 27 in 1979, the journal was renamed Calcified Tissue International and was edited by L. V. Avioli until 1999. Vols. 66-75, were then co-edited by Drs. R. Civitelli, K.A. Hruska, and S. Ralston. Vols. 76-92, were co-edited by Drs. R. Civitelli and S.H. Ralston. Since Vol. 93 the journal, which was renamed Calcified Tissue International and Musculoskeletal Research has been co-edited by Drs. S.H. Ralston and R. Rizzoli.The Journal serves as a forum to explore the biochemical, biophysical, molecular, and genetic determinants of the structure, function, and metabolism of bone, and other musculoskeletal tissues in living organisms. It publishes preclinical and translational research on these topics as well as clinical research in humans of relevance to gaining greater understanding of the pathogenesis and treatment of bone disease and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system including musculoskeletal interactions. Publishes original research and reviews concerning the structure and function of bone and other musculoskeletal tissues in living organismsIncludes studies of cell biology, molecular biology, intracellular signalling, and physiology, as well as research into the hormones, cytokines and other mediators that influence function of the musculoskeletal systemPublishes clinical studies of relevance to the pathogenesis and treatment of bone and joint disease, muscle function, mineral metabolism, and musculoskeletal interactions It has an SJR impact factor of 1,016.

Calcified Tissue International focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: bone, formation, effect, study, infusion, growing, calcium, properties, d, material, ...

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bone, formation, effect, study, infusion, growing, calcium, properties, d, material, collagenmetabolic, cortical, densitymelatonin, densitometric, development, diabetes, collagen, cigarette, cellseffects, acid, advantage, alfacalcidol, bisphosphonates, boneevidence, breakdown, ca, calciumphosphate, californicaheated, carbonate, carbonic,

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