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Chemical Science focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: catalytic, single, detection, h, metal, system, synthesis, supramolecular, route, recyclable, ...

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Chemical Science


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catalytic, single, detection, h, metal, system, synthesis, supramolecular, route, recyclable, efficient, aliphatic, carbon, lithium, prodrug, reaction, reactivity, amplification, ch, chemosensor, coordination, functionalized, interplay, iv, molecular, o, oxidation, polyoxometalatebased, chemistry, materials science, nanoscience

Best articles

gamma-Al2O3 supported Pd@CeO2 core@shell nanospheres: salting-out assisted growth and self-assembly, and their catalytic performance in CO oxidation

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A bismuth oxide/graphene oxide nanocomposite membrane showing super proton conductivity and low methanol permeability

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A designed second-sphere hydrogen-bond interaction that critically influences the O-O bond activation for heterolytic cleavage in ferric iron-porphyrin complexes

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A DNA-based parity generator/checker for error detection through data transmission with visual readout and an output-correction function

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A far-red emitting probe for unambiguous detection of mobile zinc in acidic vesicles and deep tissue

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A fluorescent methylation-switchable probe for highly sensitive analysis of FTO N6-methyladenosine demethylase activity in cells

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A high-spin square-planar Fe(ii) complex stabilized by a trianionic pincer-type ligand and conclusive evidence for retention of geometry and spin state in solution

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A new quinoxaline-containing peptide induces apoptosis in cancer cells by autophagy modulation

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Alkyl-nitrile adlayers as probes of plasmonically induced electric fields

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Atmospheric-pressure ionization and fragmentation of peptides by solution-cathode glow discharge

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ATP-responsive mitochondrial probes for monitoring metabolic processes of glioma stem cells in a 3D model

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Benchmarking the acceleration of materials discovery by sequential learning

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beta-NiS modified CdS nanowires for photocatalytic H2 evolution with exceptionally high efficiency

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Bronsted acid-catalyzed skeletal rearrangements in polycyclic conjugated boracycles: a thermal route to a ladder diborole

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Carbon monoxide coupling and functionalisation at a simple uranium coordination complex

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Catalytic enantioselective arylative cyclizations of alkynyl 1,3-diketones by 1,4-rhodium(i) migration

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Cationic porphyrins are tunable gatekeepers of the 20S proteasome

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Compartmentalized cross-linked enzymatic nano-aggregates (c-CLEnA) for efficient in-flow biocatalysis

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Configurationally stable, enantioenriched organometallic nucleophiles in stereospecific Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions: an alternative approach to asymmetric synthesis

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Construction of highly functionalized carbazoles via condensation of an enolate to a nitro group

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Controlled inhibition of methyltransferases using photoswitchable peptidomimetics: towards an epigenetic regulation of leukemia

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Copper-catalyzed diastereoselective aerobic intramolecular dehydrogenative coupling of hydrazones via sp3C-H functionalization

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Correction: Tuning radical interactions in trisradical tricationic complexes by varying host-cavity sizes

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Diffusion and reactivity in ultraviscous aerosol and the correlation with particle viscosity

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