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ChemPhysChem is a journal indexed in SJR in Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics and Physical and Theoretical Chemistry with an H index of 140. It has a price of 2900 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,016 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

ChemPhysChem focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: n, quantum, sp, carbon, gas, materials, monolayers, interactions, spectroscopy, selfassembled, ...

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Aims and Scope

n, quantum, sp, carbon, gas, materials, monolayers, interactions, spectroscopy, selfassembled, nmr, xray, bonds, ionic, infrared, single, binding, chemical, cu, h, mg, o, p, assemblyprobing,

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Book Review: Biophysical Chemistry - Membranes and Proteins. Editors Richard H. Templer and Robin Leatherbarrow

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Book Review: Catalysis and Electrocatalysis at Nanoparticle Surfaces. Editors A. Wieckowski, E. R. Savinova and C. G. Vayenas

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Book Review: Handbook of Spectroscopy. Editors Gunter Gauglitz and Tuan Vo-Dinh

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Book Review: Host-Guest Systems Based on Nanoporous Crystals. Editors F. Laeri, F. Schuth, U. Simon and M. Wark

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Book Review: Imaging in Molecular Dynamics: Technology and Applications. Editor Benjamin Whitaker

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Book Review: Microscopic Techniques in Biotechnology. By Michael Hoppert

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Book Review: Nitride Semiconductors - Handbook on Materials and Devices. Editors Pierre Rutherana, Martin Albrecht and Jorg Neugebauer

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Book Review: Rotational Spectroscopy of Diatomic Molecules. By John Brown and Alan Carrington

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Book Review: Surface Science - An Introduction. By K. Oura, V. G. Lifshits, A. A. Saranin, A. V. Zotov and M. Katayama

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Book Review: Thermodynamics of Biochemical Reactions. By Robert A. Alberty

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Can One Assess thep Character of a C-C Bond with the Help of the NMR Spin-Spin Coupling Constants?

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Co-Conformational Distribution of Nanosized [2]Catenanes Determined by Pulse EPR Measurements

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