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IEEE Photonics Technology Letters focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: optical, fiber, laser, based, wdm, grating, bragg, transmission, modulation, integrated, ...

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IEEE Photonics Technology Letters


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optical, fiber, laser, based, wdm, grating, bragg, transmission, modulation, integrated, mu, noise, amplifier, demonstration, filter, wavelength, nm, network, module, crosstalk, dispersion, electroabsorption, fabricated, bandpass, gain, gbs, m, microring, modulator, photodetectors, NA

Best articles

"Laser ""firefly"" clustering: A new concept in atmospheric probing"

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2.56-Tb/s (64 x 42.7 Gb/s) WDM transmission over 6000 km using all-Raman amplified inverse double-hybrid spans

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2875 nm Lasing From Ho3+-Doped Fluoroindate Glass Fibers

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980-nm picosecond fiber laser

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A bit-serial optical packet label-swapping scheme using DPSK encoded labels

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A digital filter approach for complex frequency-shifted perfectly matched layer in semivectorial FDTD

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A fast method for nonlinear Schrodinger equation

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A Low Crosstalk and Broadband Polarization Rotator and Splitter Based on Adiabatic Couplers

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A self-protected architecture for wavelength-division-multiplexed passive optical networks

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A Simple Photonic-Assisted Microwave Frequency Measurement System Based on MZI With Tunable Measurement Range and High Resolution

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A study of the optimum fiber design for a distributed Raman amplification transmission system

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A temperature-insensitive erbium-doped fiber amplifier for terrestrial wavelength-division-multiplexing systems

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A Two-Dimensional Optical True Time-Delay Beamformer Consisting of a Fiber Bragg Grating Prism and Switch-Based Fiber-Optic Delay Lines

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Alignment monitoring of the pulse carver and data modulator for RZ-DPSK systems

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All Si-based optical interconnect for interchip signal transmission

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An Optical Approach to Microwave Frequency Measurement With Adjustable Measurement Range and Resolution

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Analysis on jitter tolerance of optical 3R regenerator

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Bidirectional WDM self-healing ring network for hub/remote nodes

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Characterization of erbium-doped fibers and application to modeling 980-nm and 1480-nm pumped amplifiers

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Clock extraction using an optoelectronic oscillator from high-speed NRZ signal and NRZ-to-RZ format transformation

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Compact QPSK and PAM Modulators With Si Photonic Crystal Slow-Light Phase Shifters

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Compact tunable FIR dispersion compensator in SiON technology

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CW operation of 1.55-µm bipolar cascade laser with record differential efficiency, low threshold, and 50-/spl Omega/ matching

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Demonstration of 16 x 10 Gb/s WDM transmissions over 5 x 80 km using gain-clamped semiconductor optical amplifiers in combination with distributed Raman fiber amplifiers as inline amplifiers under dynamic add-drop situations

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