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Composites Science and Technology is a journal indexed in SJR in Ceramics and Composites and Engineering (miscellaneous) with an H index of 213. It has an SJR impact factor of 2,003 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

Composites Science and Technology focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: electrical, toughness, fracture, nanotube, nanoparticles, multiplefiller, microstructural, methodsmodified, meanfield, low, ...

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Composites Science and Technology


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Aims and Scope

electrical, toughness, fracture, nanotube, nanoparticles, multiplefiller, microstructural, methodsmodified, meanfield, low, nanotubereinforced, reinforced, relationship, reviewretracted, short, shs, simulation, single, situ, interlaminar, improved, image, cai, composite, composites, compositescarbon, conductive, conductivity, contentfabrication, dc, enhanced, epoxycomposites, fiber, fibrereinforced, formulations, frp,

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A comparison of calculated and measured debond lengths from fiber push-out tests

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A new strength model for application of a physically based failure criterion to orthogonal 3D fiber reinforced plastics

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A structure-oriented micromechanical model for viscous flow through square arrays of fibre clusters

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A study of the impact properties of composites consisting of surface-modified glass fibers in vinyl ester resin

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A thick composite-beam model for delamination prediction by the use of neural networks

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An acoustic emission study of the temperature-dependent fracture behavior of polypropylene composites reinforced by continuous and discontinuous fiber mats

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An investigation of the effects of shear on the deflection of an orthotropic cantilever beam by the use of anisotropic elasticity theory

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Carbon-fibre non-crimp fabric laminates for cost-effective damage-tolerant structures

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Closed-form solutions of the in-plane effective thermal conductivities of woven-fabric composites

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Compressive buckling failure of laminates with a surface notch

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Compressive strengths of single carbon fibres and composite strands

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Conversion of cellulosic fibres into carbon fibres

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Correlation between interphase-relevant tests and the impact-damage resistance of glass/epoxy laminates with different fibre surface treatments

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Coupled residual stiffness and strength model for fatigue of fibre-reinforced composite materials

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creep of a composite with dual viscoplastic phases

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Damage and inelastic deformation mechanisms in notched thermoset and thermoplastic laminates

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Damage mechanisms in composite laminates impacted by a flat-ended impactor

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Damage modeling of laminated composites by the use of multilayer volume elements

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Determination of the microtexture of reinforced thermoplastics by image analysis

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Dynamic characterization of structures: A study of energy absorption in composite tubes

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