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Computers and Geosciences is a journal indexed in SJR in Information Systems and Computers in Earth Sciences with an H index of 131. It has an SJR impact factor of 1.174 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 1.174.

Computers and Geosciences focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: data, models, shale, ice, handler, identification, interactive, interest, kohonen, line, ...

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Computers and Geosciences


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Aims and Scope

data, models, shale, ice, handler, identification, interactive, interest, kohonen, line, lithofacies, mapsparallel, marcellus, massbalance, mechanisms, analysesminimizing, microscale, misties, algorithmmethodology, dataclustering, arising, ash, automatic, basin, capture, case, cell, clustersestimating, appalachian, depression, desktops, digital, elevation, filling, fragmentation, glaciers,

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3-D forward gravity modeling of basement interfaces above which the density contrast varies continuously with depth

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TEMLOPI: a thermal simulator for estimation of drilling mud and formation temperatures during drilling of geothermal wells

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Scat-Cad: a Mathcad 2000 professional package to model the energy decay due to seismic attenuation

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Failure prediction in automatically generated digital elevation models

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The UCLA electronic statistics textbook

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Object-oriented modeling of data sources as a tool for the integration of heterogeneous geoscientific information

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A Macintosh application program for simulating shear-sense indicators using object-oriented programming

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Self-organization in fluvial landscapes: sediment dynamics as an emergent property

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"Fe23": A computer program for calculating the number of Fe+2 and Fe+3 ions in minerals

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Development of an internet atlas of Switzerland

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Computer program (SHOCK) to predict acid shocks in watersheds using stochastic analysis

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The one-dimensional elastic wave equation: A finite-difference formulation for animated computer applications to full waveform propagation

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Three-dimensional hydrodynamical modelling of viscous flow around a rotating ellipsoidal inclusion

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An explicit predictor-corrector solver with application to seismic wave modelling

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RiverTools, Version 2.0; Research Systems, Inc., 4990 Pearl East Circle, Boulder, CO 80301

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An interactive spreadsheet for graphing mineral stability diagrams

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PASSIPHIC: A program for solubility calculations involving complex solids

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High precision boundary fractal analysis for shape characterization

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IMAGEX: A PC program for visualizing large three-dimensional matrices

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Estimation of sub-pixel land cover composition in the presence of untrained classes

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Multi-scale analysis of shell growth increments using wavelet transform

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EROS: A grid-based program for estimating spatially-distributed erosion indices

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Internet provision for staff and students: an information-rich approach

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A visualbasic program for histogram and variogram scaling

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