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Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: lowcr, fenitization, features, experimentsgraphite, examining, evolution, england, emplacementhigh, emplacement, forearc, ...

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Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology


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lowcr, fenitization, features, experimentsgraphite, examining, evolution, england, emplacementhigh, emplacement, forearc, gabbro, limitationsplagioclase, kinetics, kimberlite, incipient, implications, hydrous, growth, genesisthe, eastern, dunite, distribution, campo, borrowdale, basaltic, aureole, applications, alps, aln, ?, carbonatite, chondritetiinzircon, diamond, deposit, decompression, datasolubility, contact, conditions, complex, chromitite, NA

Best articles

(Th+U)-Pb monazite ages from Al-Mg-rich metapelites, Rauer Group, east Antarctica

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40Ar/39Ar ages of detrital muscovite and whole-rock slate/phyllite, Narragansett Basin, RI-MA, USA: implications for rejuvenation during very low-grade metamorphism

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A kinetic model of metamorphism: an application to siliceous dolomites

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A reappraisal of episodic burial metamorphism in the Andes of central Chile

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Ages, rare-earth element enrichment, and petrogenesis of tholeiitic and alkalic basalts from Kahoolawe Island, Hawaii

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An 40 Ar/ 39 Ar, Rb/Sr, and stable isotope study of micas in low-grade fold-and-thrust belt: an example from the Swiss Helvetic Alps

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An experimental study of phase equilibria in the systems H2O?CO2?CaCl2 and H2O?CO2?NaCl at high pressures and temperatures (500?800''C, 0.5?0.9'GPa): geological and geophysical applications

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ber Verwitterungsbildungen des Brockengranits n'rdlich St. Andreasberg

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Boron isotopic variations in hydrous rhyolitic melts: a case study from Long Valley, California

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Can metamorphic reactions proceed faster than bulk strain?

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Carbon isotopic thermometry and geobarometry of sillimanite isograd in thermal aureoles: the depth of emplacement of upper crustal granitic bodies

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Chemical and isotopic (Pb, Sr) zonation in a peraluminous granite pluton: role of fluid fractionation

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Chemical heterogeneities of Caledonian (?) pseudotachylites in the Eidsfjord Anorthosite, north Norway

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Clinopyroxenes from mantle-related xenocrysts in alkaline basalts from Hannuoba (China): augite?pigeonite exsolutions and their thermal significance

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Contrasting serpentinization processes in the eastern Central Alps

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Cordierite IV: structural heterogeneity and energetics of Mg?Fe solid solutions

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Crystal chemical controls on rare earth element partitioning between epidote-group minerals and melts: an experimental and theoretical study

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Decoding near-concordant U-Pb zircon ages spanning several hundred million years: recrystallisation, metamictisation or diffusion?

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Die Lagerstatte von Broken Hill in New South Wales

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Differences in grain growth of calcite: a field-based modeling approach

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Dihedral angle measurements and infiltration property of SiO2-rich melts in mantle peridotite assemblages

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Eclogite-facies vein systems in the Marun-Keu complex (Polar Urals, Russia): textural, chemical and thermal constraints for patterns of fluid flow in the lower crust

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Electrical conductivity of NaCl-bearing aqueous fluids to 600 ºC and 1 GPa

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Electrical conductivity of orthopyroxene and plagioclase in the lower crust

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