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Dental Materials focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: bioactive, dental, lesions, influence, hypersensitivityin, hierarchical, glasses, glassceramics, fluoridereleasing, lithium, ...

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Dental Materials


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bioactive, dental, lesions, influence, hypersensitivityin, hierarchical, glasses, glassceramics, fluoridereleasing, lithium, load, materialsa, mechanical, nanoscale, organization, osteoblastlike, osteoceramic, penetration, phosphatemethacrylate, fluoride, fissure, failure, applications, artificial, behavior, bioinspired, bovine, calcium, cells, ceramic, composite, compositesmulticomponent, content, dentin, effect, enameldentin, engineeringfatigue, NA

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A comparison of the mechanical properties of a gallium-based alloy with a spherical high-copper amalgam

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A fluoride-releasing composite for dental applications

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A new method to quantify wear using implant supported restorations

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A predictive formula of the contraction stress in restorative and luting materials attending to free and adhered surfaces, volume and deformation

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A simple acid erosion test for dental water-based cements

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A simple method for the measurement of polymerization shrinkage in dental composites

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A survey of the use of dentin-bonding systems in Denmark

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Antimicrobial activities of dental impression materials1Most of the research data present in this manuscript was presented as an abstract on March 13, 1994 at the International Association for Dental Research Annual Research Session, held in Seattle,

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Antimicrobial activity of amalgams, alloys and their elements and phases

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Attractive force of castable iron-platinum magnetic alloys

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Bond strength to surface enamel for different tooth types

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Bonding of all-porcelain crowns: structural characteristics of the substrate

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Changes in cell phospholipid metabolism in vitro in the presence of HEMA and its degradation products

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Combination of EDTA conditioner and Phenyl-P/HEMA self-etching primer for bonding to dentin

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Consistency in the amount of linear polymerization shrinkage in syringe-type composites

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Contraction force rate of polymer composites is linearly correlated with irradiance

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Corrosion by galvanic coupling between carbon fiber posts and different alloys

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Creep and visco-elastic recovery of cured and secondary-cured composites and resin-modified glass-ionomers

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Cutting efficiency of air-turbine burs on cast titanium and dental casting alloys

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Dealloying and electroformation in high-Pd dental alloys

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Dental resin composites containing ceramic whiskers and precured glass ionomer particles

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Determination of the elastic modulus of resin based materials as a function of resonance frequency during polymerisation

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Dimensional changes of demineralized dentin treated with HEMA primers

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Does plasma irradiation improve shear bond strength of acrylic resin to cobalt-chromium alloy?

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