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Electrochemistry Communications is a journal indexed in SJR in Electrochemistry with an H index of 184. It is an CC BY-NC-ND Journal with a Single blind Peer Review review system, and It has a price of 2205 €. The scope of the journal is focused on electrochemistry, electrochemical surface science, batteries, interfaces. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,236 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

Electrochemistry Communications focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: cells, fuel, cathode, electrode, aqueous, grain, membrane, electrochemical, fabrication, flow, ...

Type: Journal

Type of Copyright: CC BY-NC-ND

Languages: English

Open Access Policy: Open Access

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Categories: Electrochemistry (Q1)

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Electrochemistry Communications


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Aims and Scope

cells, fuel, cathode, electrode, aqueous, grain, membrane, electrochemical, fabrication, flow, film, interface, ion, lithiumion, litio, m, mfe, exchange, electrolyte, electrodes, batteriespolyanthraquinonyl, batteriespt, boundary, carbon, electrochemistry, chloride, composite, cu, d, detection, electrocatalysts, electrochemistry, electrochemical surface science, batteries, interfaces

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A Born-Oppenheimer approach to adiabatic electrochemical charge transfer processes

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A new experimental method to distinguish two different mechanisms for a category of oscillators involving mass transfer

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A new polypyrrole/maghemite hybrid as a lithium insertion electrode

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A novel DNA-modified indium tin oxide electrode

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A simple model for an amperometric channel biosensor

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A.c. voltammetric evidence for the transient adsorption of asymmetric ions in the transfer across the nitrobenzene-water interface

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Adaptative finite element simulation of currents at microelectrodes to a guaranteed accuracy. Application to a simple model problem

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Adaptive finite element simulation of currents at microelectrodes to a guaranteed accuracy. Theory

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Adsorption and catalytic activity of trinitro-fluorenone derivatives towards NADH oxidation on different electrode materials

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Adsorptive immobilization of cytochrome c on indium/tin oxide (ITO): electrochemical evidence for electron transfer-induced conformational changes

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AFM study of the initial stages of polyaniline growth on ITO electrode

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An alternative methodology for determining transport parameters of electrolytes in mixed solvents from concentration cells, without prior knowledge of activity coefficients

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An EQCN assessment of electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol at nanostructured Au-Pt alloy nanoparticles

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An in situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy study of InSb electrodes in lithium batteries

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An unusual electrochemically induced demetalation of iron-substituted Keggin-type undecatungstozincate ZnW11FeIII(H2O)O7-39

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Anodic oxidation of sulfide ions from chloride brines

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Application of a distributed impedance model in the analysis of conducting polymer films

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Atomic structure of highly ordered pyrolytic graphite doped with boron

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Catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in alkaline solutions

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Catalytic reduction of nitrate during electrodeposition of thallium from Tl3+ solution

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Cavity microelectrode for studying battery materials: application to polyaniline powder

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Composite anode material for lithium ion battery with low sensitivity to water

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Cyclic voltammetric studies on the reduction of a gold oxide surface layer

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Derivation of a general theory for reversible multistep electrode processes in voltammetry with constant potential at spherical electrodes

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