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Institution of Engineering and Technology United Kingdom
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Electronics Letters is a journal indexed in SJR in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with an H index of 142. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,454 and it has a best quartile of Q2. It is published in English.

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Electronics Letters


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Best articles

0.1-42 GHz InP DHBT distributed amplifiers with 35 dB gain and 15 dBm output

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1.28 Tbit/s-70 km OTDM transmission using third- and fourth-order simultaneous dispersion compensation with a phase modulator

View more

24 GHz low-noise amplifier in 0.18 [micro sign]m CMOS technology

View more

60 Gbits error-free 4-PAM operation with 850 nm VCSEL

View more

85 W Tm3+-doped silica fibre laser

View more

88 GHz dynamic 2:1 frequency divider using resonant tunnelling chaos circuit

View more

AC-coupled burst-mode optical receiver employing 8B/10B coding

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Advantages of EADFB laser for 25 Gbaud/s 4-PAM (50 Gbit/s) modulation and 10 km single-mode fibre transmission

View more

Appropriate micro-lens to improve coupling between laser diodes and singlemode fibres

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Array pattern nulling by element position perturbations using a genetic algorithm

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Biomimetic electrically small antennas

View more

Broad bandwidth seamless transmission of 3.56 Tbit/s over 40?o100 km of NZDF fibre using CSRZ-DPSK format

View more

Closed-form design equations for decoupling networks of small arrays

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Common aperture, dual frequency printed antenna (900 MHz and 60 GHz)

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Computationally efficient adaptive MMSE receiver for synchronous MC-CDMA communication systems

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Configuration for micro pH sensor

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Continuous-time digital signal processing

View more

Cross-polarisation suppression in cylindrical array antenna

View more

Current-feedback operational amplifier with high CMRR

View more

DC feedback technique for temperature stabilisation of tunable CMOS transconductors

View more

Delay characteristics of diverse ad hoc networks

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Design of miniaturised ISM-band fractal antenna

View more

Design of ultra-thin closely spaced dual-band bandpass frequency selective surface

View more

Detecting cuts and dissolves through linear regression analysis

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