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The European Physical Journal C (EPJ C) is an open-access single-blind peer-reviewed journal, APCs completely covered by SCOAP3 ( and licensed under CC BY 4.0. EPJ C presents new and original research results in theoretical physics and experimental physics, in a variety of formats, including Regular Articles, Reviews, Tools for Experiment and Theory, Scientific Notes and Letters. The range of topics is extensive: Experimental Physics I: Accelerator Based High-Energy Physics Hadron and lepton collider physics Lepton-nucleon scattering High-energy nuclear reactions Standard model precision testsSearch for new physics beyond the standard modelHeavy flavour physics Neutrino properties Particle detector developments Computational methods and analysis toolsExperimental Physics II: Astroparticle PhysicsDark matter searches High-energy cosmic raysDouble beta decay Long baseline neutrino experimentsNeutrino astronomyAxions and other weakly interacting light particlesGravitational waves and observational cosmologyParticle detector developmentsComputational methods and analysis toolsTheoretical Physics I: Phenomenology of the Standard Model and BeyondElectroweak interactions Quantum chromo dynamicsHeavy quark physics and quark flavour mixingNeutrino physicsPhenomenology of astro- and cosmoparticle physicsMeson spectroscopy and non-perturbative QCD Low-energy effective field theories Lattice field theoryHigh temperature QCD and heavy ion physicsPhenomenology of supersymmetric extensions of the SMPhenomenology of non-supersymmetric extensions of the SMModel building and alternative models of electroweak symmetry breakingFlavour physics beyond the SMComputational Algorithms and ToolsTheoretical Physics II: Gravitation, Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology, General Aspects of Quantum Field Theories, and AlternativesClassical and quantum theory of gravitationExtended theories of gravityHigh-energy astroparticle physicsCosmology and the early universeBlack hole dynamicsMathematical aspects of quantum field theories, and alternativesSupergravity and string theoryGauge/gravity dualitiesCommonly used title abbreviations: Eur. Phys. J. C, Eur.Phys.J.C, EPJC, EPJ C Presents new and original research results in theoretical and experimental physicsFormats include Regular Articles, Reviews, Tools for Experiment and Theory, and moreMaximum visibility with open access It has an SJR impact factor of 1,451.

European Physical Journal C focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: q, production, tev, collisions, gravity, model, sqrts, higgs, t, s, ...

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European Physical Journal C


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Aims and Scope

q, production, tev, collisions, gravity, model, sqrts, higgs, t, s, boson, dark, atlas, proton, z, generalized, pp, lhc, jets, solutions, cosmology, theory, physics, text, stability, w, elementary particle physics, high-energy physics, astroparticle physics, collider physics, quantum field theory, standard model phenomenology

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Scalar field as a null dust

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Top quark production at the Tevatron at NNLO

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Mass and decay properties of double heavy baryons with a phenomenological potential model

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Solutions of evolution equations for medium-induced QCD cascades

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Non-equilibrated post-freeze-out distributions

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Full NLO corrections to 3-jet production and

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The spontaneous generation of magnetic fields at high temperature in a supersymmetric theory

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Rho meson properties in the chiral theory framework

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Study of B

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Toward an experimental determination of possible vacuum regeneration for neutral flavoured mesons

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Magnetic response from constant backgrounds to Coulomb sources

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Magnetic response to applied electrostatic field in external magnetic field

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Measurement of event shapes in deep inelastic scattering at HERA

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Abelian decomposition method for G2 gauge theory

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Detector developments

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Soft QCD phenomena in events with high-E

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3D solutions of the Poisson-Vlasov equations for a charged plasma and particle-core model in a line of FODO cells

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Inclusive production of antihyperons in nC-interactions

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Neutrino magnetic moment results at the Kuo-Sheng Nuclear Power Plant

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Erratum to: Radiative corrections to the

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The Cardy-Verlinde formula and entropyof topological Kerr- Newman black holes in de Sitter spaces

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