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Geoderma is a journal indexed in SJR in Soil Science with an H index of 165. It has a price of 3015 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,846 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

Geoderma focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: soil, mountain, mapping, crop, organic, exploratory, factors, fertilization, evaluation, methodsimpact, ...

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Categories: Soil Science (Q1)

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soil, mountain, mapping, crop, organic, exploratory, factors, fertilization, evaluation, methodsimpact, extract, future, greenhouse, improvers, initiative, intercrop, interpret, issue, italian, electrical, effect, capacities, carbon, case, chinacontents, communitycircular, conditionslandscapescale, contents, controlling, credibility, current, data, diffuse, dynamics, economy,

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A comparison of morphological data and physical measurements of pore structures in milled peat stockpiles

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A comparison of soil maps, kriging and a combined method for spatially predicting bulk density and field capacity of ferralsols in the Havana-Matanzas Plain

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A methodology to evaluate the reliability of the Belgian soil map for predicting the actual water table characteristics

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A search for the origin of cadmium in the soil of the Swiss Jura

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A Sound Reference Base for Soils, by D. Baise. Translation by J.M. Hodgson, N.R. Eskenazi and D. Baise. Coordination: D. Baise. INRA, Paris, 1998. ISBN 2-7380-0811-9.

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A suitability evaluation of selected impregnants for in situ preparation of structural images of milled peat

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Adsorption-desorption kinetics of potassium as influenced by temperature and background anions

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Application of computer captured knowledge in land evaluation, using ALES in central Ethiopia

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Application of X-ray microanalysis to study the distribution of organic waste in soil

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Approaches to Scaling of Trace Gas Fluxes in Ecosystems

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Cadmium in Soils and Plants

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Carbon and nitrate utilization in soils: the effect of long-term fertilization on potential denitrification

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Chemical speciation and bioavailability index of cadmium for selected tropical soils in Kenya

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Comparison of different field methods for determining the hydraulic conductivity curve of a volcanic Vesuvian soil

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Contaminated Soils', 3rd International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements, Paris, May 15-19, 1995, R. Prost (Ed.), INRA, Paris, 1997, 525 pp., FF380.-, ISBN 2 7380 0775 9.

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Copper contamination of vineyard soils from small wine producers: A case study from the Czech Republic

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Developing policies for soil carbon management in tropical regions

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Development of a feldspar weathering index and its application to a buried soil chronosequence in southeastern England

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Developments in quantitative soil resource assessment (Pedometrics '98)

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Differences in potassium forms between cutans and adjacent soil matrix in a Grey Clay Soil

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Effect of soil parameters on the corrosion of archaeological metal finds

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Effects of chromium and nickel on growth of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Pisolithus and formation of ectomycorrhizas on Eucalyptus urophylla S.T. Blake

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Effects of human disturbance and cryoturbation on soil iron and organic matter distributions and on carbon storage at high elevations in the Cairngorm Mountains, Scotland

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Effects of land use on the amino acid composition of soils:

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