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Geology is a journal indexed in SJR in Geology with an H index of 237. It has an SJR impact factor of 2,397 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 2,397.

Geology focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: maximum, miocene, pleistocene, climate, east, early, fault, glacial, eruptions, equatorial, ...

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Aims and Scope

maximum, miocene, pleistocene, climate, east, early, fault, glacial, eruptions, equatorial, oceanic, north, magmatism, pacific, atlanticearly, back, atlantic, assemblages, array, arid, arcwet, arctic, andreas, ancient, analogues,

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Selective extinction among Early Jurassic bivalves: A consequence of anoxia

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Biomarkers, brines, and oil in the Mesoproterozoic, Roper Superbasin, Australia

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Zircon record of the plutonic-volcanic connection and protracted rhyolite melt evolution

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Cosmogenic nuclide exposure ages along a vertical transect in western Norway: Implications for the height of the Fennoscandian ice sheet

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Cosmogenic nuclides 10Be and 26Al imply limited Antarctic Ice Sheet thickening and low erosion in the Shackleton Range for >1 m.y.

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Space-based estimate of the volcanic heat flux into the atmosphere during 2001 and 2002

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Spatial variations of incoming sediments at the northeastern Japan arc and their implications for megathrust earthquakes

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A stable and hot Turonian without glacial d18O excursions is indicated by exquisitely preserved Tanzanian foraminifera

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Balancing crustal thickening in arcs by tectonic vs. magmatic means

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Sea-level -and gas-hydrate-controlled catastrophic sediment failures of the Amazon Fan

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Early Paleozoic transform-margin structure beneath the Mississippi coastal plain, southeast United States

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Petrologic and geochemical constraints on the origin of subsurface dolomite, Enewetak Atoll: An example of dolomitization by normal seawater

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A sea-level fingerprint of the Late Ordovician ice-sheet collapse

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Fluid-flow properties of faults in sandstone: The importance of temperature history

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Mechanism for generating the anomalous uplift of oceanic core complexes: Atlantis Bank, southwest Indian Ridge

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Zn-Pb-Cu massive sulfide deposits: Brine-pool types occur in collisional orogens, black smoker types occur in backarc and/or arc basins

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Debris-fan reworking during low-magnitude floods in the Green River canyons of the eastern Uinta Mountains, Colorado and Utah

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Iceland, the Farallon slab, and dynamic topography of the North Atlantic

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How do spiral troughs form on Mars?

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High-fidelity organic preservation of bone marrow in ca. 10 Ma amphibians

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SNC meteorites: Are they Martian rocks?

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Thickness and extent of the subglacial till layer beneath an Antarctic paleo-ice stream

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Hydrogen isotope composition of Early Proterozoic seawater

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Rainfall conditions, typhoon frequency, and contemporary landslide erosion in Japan

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