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Global Biogeochemical Cycles is a journal indexed in SJR in Environmental Chemistry and Environmental Science (miscellaneous) with an H index of 177. It has a price of 3000 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 2,922 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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Global Biogeochemical Cycles


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A global calculation of the d13C of soil respired carbon: Implications for the biospheric uptake of anthropogenic CO2

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A global, open-ocean model of carbonyl sulfide and its air-sea flux

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A model of the iron cycle in the ocean

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An approach for simulating the phenology of savanna ecosystems in the Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique General Circulation Model

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An ecologic explanation for the Permo-Triassic carbon and sulfur isotope shifts

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An eddy-permitting coupled physical-biological model of the North Atlantic: 1. Sensitivity to advection numerics and mixed layer physics

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An eddy-permitting coupled physical-biological model of the North Atlantic: 2. Ecosystem dynamics and comparison with satellite and JGOFS local studies data

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An integrated model for soil organic carbon and CO2: Implications for paleosol carbonatepCO2paleobarometry

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Annual carbon dioxide drawdown and the Northern Annular Mode

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Antimony in recent, ombrotrophic peat from Switzerland and Scotland: Comparison with natural background values (5,320 to 8,02014C yr BP) and implications for the global atmospheric Sb cycle

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Biological pump and vertical mixing in the southern ocean: Their impact on atmospheric CO2

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Biotic contribution to air-sea fluxes of CO2and O2and its relation to new production, export production, and net community production

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Black Sea nitrogen cycling and the preservation of phytoplanktond15N signals during the Holocene

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Carbon and peat accumulation over the past 1200 years in a landscape with discontinuous permafrost, northwestern Canada

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Carbon balance in East European tundra

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Carbon cycle, vegetation, and climate dynamics in the Holocene: Experiments with the CLIMBER-2 model

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Change in phytomass and net primary productivity for Siberia from the Mid-Holocene to the Present

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Changes in CH4emission from rice fields from 1960 to 1990s: 1. Impacts of modern rice technology

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Changes inpH in the eastern equatorial Pacific across stage 5-6 boundary based on boron isotopes in foraminifera

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Constraints on N2O sinks inferred from observed tracer correlations in the lower stratosphere

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Controls on the carbon isotopic composition of southern ocean phytoplankton

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Correction to "Air-sea flux of bromoform: Controls, rates, and implications"

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Correction to "Coupled nitrogen and oxygen isotope measurements of nitrate along the eastern North Pacific margin"

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Correction to "Influence of soil texture on carbon dynamics and storage potential in tropical forest soils of Amazonia"

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