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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. United States
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IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics is a journal indexed in SJR in Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics and Condensed Matter Physics with an H index of 127. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,661 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: lasers, laser, mode, fiber, cavity, mixing, injection, gain, light, pulse, ...

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IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics


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Aims and Scope

lasers, laser, mode, fiber, cavity, mixing, injection, gain, light, pulse, semiconductor, model, optical, surface, cosub, noise, resonant, raman, wavelength, emitting, femtosecond, generation,

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38-GHz Millimeter Wave Beam Steered Fiber Wireless Systems for 5G Indoor Coverage: Architectures, Devices, and Links

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A field-based numerical method for three-dimensional analysis of optical waveguide discontinuities

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A proposed tunable source of hypersounds in the 105, to 107Mc/s range

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ABCD matrices for dispersive pulse propagation

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Aberrations in temporal imaging

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An assessment of finite difference beam propagation method

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An efficient split-step time-domain dynamic modeling of DFB/DBR laser diodes

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Analysis of Transverse Mode Competition of VCSELs Based on a Spatially Independent Model

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Anticipating synchronization based on optical injection-locking in chaotic semiconductor lasers

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Antiphase dynamics of selectively coupled multimode semiconductor lasers

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Chaotic Oscillations of the Optical Phase for Multigigahertz-Bandwidth Secure Communications

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Correction of the intensity-dependent phase delay in a silicon avalanche photodiode by controlling its reverse bias voltage

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Corrections to "Microscopic Theory of Gain, Absorption, and Refractive Index in Semiconductor Laser Materials - Influence of Conduction-Band Nonparabolicity and Coulomb-Induced Intersubband Coupling"

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Coupled-waves approach to the design and analysis of bragg and photonic crystal annular resonators

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Degradation of the Mode Suppression in Single-Mode Laser Diodes Due to Integrated Optical Amplifiers

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Design and fabrication of broad-band silica-based optical waveguide couplers with asymmetric structure

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Diamond Cooling of High-Power Diode-Pumped Solid-State Lasers

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Direct space-to-time pulse shaping at 1.5 µm

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Dispersion-Managed Breathing-Mode Semiconductor Mode-Locked Ring Laser: Experimental Characterization and Numerical Simulations

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Edge Breakdown in 4H-SiC Avalanche Photodiodes

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Effect of the Doping Level of a p-Cladding Layer on the Performance of GaAs-AlGaAs Multiquantum-Well Lasers

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Electronic changes of refractive index in intensively pumped Nd:YAG laser crystals

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Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Argon Plasma-Enhanced Quantum-Well Intermixing

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Form-induced birefringence in elliptical hollow photonic crystal fiber with large mode area

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