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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. United States
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IEEE Transactions on Information Theory is a journal indexed in SJR in Information Systems and Computer Science Applications with an H index of 260. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,879 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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IEEE Transactions on Information Theory


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A first course in information theory [Book Review]

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A generalized uncertainty principle and sparse representation in pairs of bases

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A Note on Density Model Size Testing

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Algebraic properties of space-time block codes in intersymbol interference multiple-access channels

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Algorithm and architecture for a Galois field multiplicative arithmetic processor

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An optimum symbol-by-symbol decoding rule for linear codes

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Antenna selection for multiple-antenna transmission systems: performance analysis and code construction

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Average Coset Weight Distributions of Gallager's LDPC Code Ensemble

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Balanced information inequalities

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Binary intersymbol interference channels: gallager codes, density evolution, and code performance bounds

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Binary pulse compression codes

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Capacity Bounds for Wireless Optical Intensity Channels With Gaussian Noise

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Capacity of a mobile multiple-antenna wireless link with isotropically random rician fading

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Capacity of mimo systems with semicorrelated flat fading

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Capacity of reproducing kernel spaces in learning theory

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Capacity-Achieving Probability Measure for Conditionally Gaussian Channels With Bounded Inputs

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Codecell convexity in optimal entropy-constrained vector quantization

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Codes on graphs: constraint complexity of cycle-free realizations of linear codes

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Common coordinates in consecutive addresses

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Context-dependent multilevel pattern matching for lossless image compression

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Covering codes with improved density

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Data verification and reconciliation with generalized error-control codes

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Determining the Number of Samples Required to Estimate Entropy in Natural Sequences

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Deviation bounds for wavelet shrinkage

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