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Inorganic Chemistry is a journal indexed in SJR in Chemistry (miscellaneous) and Inorganic Chemistry with an H index of 233. It has a price of 3678 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,348 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

Inorganic Chemistry focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: complexes, structure, magnetic, metal, properties, characterization, complex, ligands, fe, coordination, ...

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Inorganic Chemistry


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Aims and Scope

complexes, structure, magnetic, metal, properties, characterization, complex, ligands, fe, coordination, synthesis, structural, structures, formation, oxidation, carbene, organic, crystal, m, electronic, based,

Best articles

A Family of Diruthenium Compounds with Dianionic Tridentate Ligands ofN-(2-Pyridyl)-2-oxy-5-R-benzylaminate (R = H, Me, Cl, Br, NO2): Isolation, Structure Determination, and Electrochemistry

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A Structural Investigation of Hydrous and Anhydrous Rare-Earth Phosphates

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Adjusting the Frameworks of Silver(I) Complexes with New Pyridyl Thioethers by Varying the Chain Lengths of Ligand Spacers, Solvents, and Counteranions

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AlFe2-xCoxB2(x= 0-0.30):TCTuning through Co Substitution for a Promising Magnetocaloric Material Realized by Spark Plasma Sintering

View more

Amidine Production by the Addition of NH3 to Nitrile(s) Bound to and Activated by the Lewis Acidic [Re6(µ3-Se)8]2+ Cluster Core

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Assessment of the U3O7 Crystal Structure by X-ray and Electron Diffraction

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Bridged Tetraquaternary Salts fromN,N'-Polyfluoroalkyl-4,4'-bipyridine

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Bulk Spontaneous Magnetization in the New Radical Cation Salt TM-TTF[Cr(NCS)4(isoquinoline)2] (TM-TTF = Tetramethyltetrathiafulvalene)

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Changes in Tricarbastannatrane Transannular N-Sn Bonding upon Complexation Reveal Lewis Base Donicities

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Characterization of Ordering in A-Site Deficient Perovskite Ca1-xLa2x/3TiO3 Using STEM/EELS

View more

Chiral Selectivity in Inter-reactant Recognition and Electron Transfer of the Oxidation of Horse Heart Cytochromecby Trioxalatocobaltate(III)

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Cisplatin-Tethered Gold Nanoparticles That Exhibit Enhanced Reproducibility, Drug Loading, and Stability: a Step Closer to Pharmaceutical Approval?

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Coordination Complexes of 1-(4-[N-tert-Butyl-N-aminoxyl]phenyl)-1H-1,2,4-triazole with Paramagnetic Transition Metal Dications

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Coupled Electronic and Magnetic Phase Transition in the Infinite-Layer Phase LaSrNiRuO4

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Density Functional Theory Calculations Support the Additive Nature of Ligand Contributions to the pKa of Iron Hydride Phosphine Carbonyl Complexes

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Design of Ru(II) Complexes Based on Anthraimidazoledione-Functionalized Terpyridine Ligand for Improvement of Room-Temperature Luminescence Characteristics and Recognition of Selective Anions: Experimental and DFT/TD-DFT Study

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Determination of Rhodium-Alkoxide Bond Strengths in Tp'Rh(PMe3)(OR)H

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Direct Observation of the Luminescence from the3dd* Excited State of Re2Cl2(p-OCH3form)4

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Effect of Co Substitution on the Crystal and Magnetic Structure of SrFeO2.75-d: Stabilization of the "314-Type" Oxygen Vacancy Ordered Structure without A-Site Ordering

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Effect of Zinc Incorporation on the Performance of Red Light Emitting InP Core Nanocrystals

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Effects of the Orientation of [B5O11]7-Fundamental Building Blocks on Layered Structures Based on the Pentaborates

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Endohedral Cluster Superconductors in the Mo-Ga-Sn System Explored by the Joint Flux Technique

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Epitaxial Growth of Single-Phase Magnesium Dihydride Thin Films

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Excited State Interfacial Electron Transfer from a Compound with a Single Pyridine Ligand

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