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Journal of Crystal Growth focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: growth, grown, vapor, crystal, films, gan, phase, substrates, rate, metal, ...

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Journal of Crystal Growth


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growth, grown, vapor, crystal, films, gan, phase, substrates, rate, metal, silicon, crystals, properties, chemical, thin, patterned, layers, characterization, thermal, quality, molecular, metalorganic, NA

Best articles

A microwave assisted heating method for the rapid synthesis of sphalrite-type mercury sulfide nanocrystals with different sizes

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A Monte Carlo study of dislocation growth and etching of crystals

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A surface kinetics model for the growth of Si1-xGex by UHV/CVD using SiH4/GeH4

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Antisite incorporation during epitaxial growth of GaAs

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Bassanite (CaSO4¬?0.5H2O) dissolution and gypsum (CaSO4¬?2H2O) precipitation in the presence of cellulose ethers

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Carbon nanotubes filled partially or completely with nickel

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Chemical inhomogeneities of flux grown rare-earth aluminate RAlO3 (R=La,Gd,Tb,Dy,Ho and Er) crystals

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Compositional variation and precipitate structures of copper-beryllium single crystals grown by the Bridgman technique

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Containerless processing using floating zone technique on the ground

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Crystal growth and optical assessment of Nd3+:GdAl3(BO3)4 crystal

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Crystal growth of beta'-Gd2(MoO4)3 and in situ observation of its domain structure by the microscope and the synchrotron X-ray topography

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Crystal growth of Ca1.29Bi0.14VO4

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Crystal growth, structure and magnetic behavior of ytterbium cobalt gallium oxide YbCoGaO4

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Crystal growth, X-ray diffraction and nonlinear optical properties of Nb:KTiOPO4 crystal

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Crystallization behavior of the amorphous carbon nanotubes prepared by the CVD method

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Deposition of hexagonal GaN using n-propylamine as a nitrogen precursor

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Detecting temperature oscillation in a silicon liquid bridge

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Determination of growth and dissolution mass rate of boric acid crystals by a simple computer program

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Development and application of a constant supersaturation, semi-batch crystalliser for investigating gibbsite agglomeration

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Device-grade homoepitaxial diamond film growth

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Diffusion mediated film growth on polycrystalline substrates

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Dislocation density analyses of GaAs bulk single crystal during growth process (effects of crystal anisotropy)

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Dissolution studies of Zn-containing carbonated hydroxyapatites

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Effect of cationic surfactant on the transformation of octacalcium phosphate

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