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Journal of Experimental Social Psychology is a journal indexed in SJR in Sociology and Political Science and Social Psychology with an H index of 135. It has an SJR impact factor of 2,488 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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Journal of Experimental Social Psychology


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Best articles

"To eat or not to be eaten?" Collective risk-monitoring in groups

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A deterministic worldview promotes approval of state paternalism

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About face: Memory for transgender versus cisgender targets' facial appearance

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Accuracy and speed of causal processing: Experts versus novices in social judgment

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After-affects: How automatic evaluations influence the interpretation of subsequent, unrelated stimuli

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An affirmed self and an open mind: Self-affirmation and sensitivity to argument strength

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Bias and accuracy in attitude attribution: The role of Attributional Complexity

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Charting the future of social psychology on stormy seas: Winners, losers, and recommendations

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Choice architecture in conflicts of interest: Defaults as physical and psychological barriers to (dis)honesty

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Cognitive and social comparison processes in brainstorming

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Communicating about a social interaction: Effects on memory for protagonists' statements and nonverbal behaviors

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Consistency and modification of judgment

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Contrast effects in stereotype formation and change: the role of comparative context

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Cultural chameleons and iconoclasts: Assimilation and reactance to cultural cues in biculturals' expressed personalities as a function of identity conflict

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Dealing with missed opportunities: Action vs. state orientation moderates inaction inertia

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Deflecting negative self-relevant stereotype activation: The effects of individuation

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Dispositional Inferences of Ability: Content and Process

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Distancing oneself from negative attributes and the personal/group discrimination discrepancy

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Effects of group decision rules on decisions involving continuous alternatives: The unanimity rule and extreme decisions in mock civil juries

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Effects of status and outcome on attributions and just-world beliefs: How the social distribution of success and failure may be rationalized

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Embodied metaphor and the "true" self: Priming entity expansion and protection influences intrinsic self-expressions in self-perceptions and interpersonal behavior

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Erratum to 'Locomotion, assessment, and regulatory fit: Value transfer from "how" to "what"' [Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 39 (2003) 525-530]

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Erratum to "Perceived Event Frequency and the Optimistic Bias: Evidence for a Two-Process Model of Personal Risk Judgments"

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