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The Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering covers the broad area of practice known as geotechnical engineering. Papers are welcomed on topics such as foundations, retaining structures, soil dynamics, engineering behavior of soil and rock, site characterization, slope stability, dams, rock engineering, earthquake engineering, environmental geotechnics, geosynthetics, computer modeling, groundwater monitoring and restoration, and coastal and geotechnical ocean engineering. Authors are also encouraged to submit papers on new and emerging topics within the general discipline of geotechnical engineering. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,861.

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Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering - ASCE


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Aims and Scope

Site characterization Slope stability Dams Rock engineering Earthquake engineering Environmental geotechnics Geosynthetics Computer modeling Groundwater monitoring and restoration

Best articles by citations

Liquefaction Resistance of Soils: Summary Report from the 1996 NCEER and 1998 NCEER/NSF Workshops on Evaluation of Liquefaction Resistance of Soils

T. L. Youd I. M. Idriss Ronald D. Andrus
1066 Citations View more

Particle Shape Effects on Packing Density, Stiffness, and Strength: Natural and Crushed Sands

Gye-Chun Cho Jake Dodds J. Carlos Santamarina
1041 Citations View more

Microbially Induced Cementation to Control Sand Response to Undrained Shear

Jason T. DeJong Michael B. Fritzges Klaus Nüsslein
1025 Citations View more

Factors of Safety and Reliability in Geotechnical Engineering

J. Michael Duncan
752 Citations View more

Probabilistic Slope Stability Analysis by Finite Elements

D. V. Griffiths Gordon A. Fenton
681 Citations View more

Suction Stress Characteristic Curve for Unsaturated Soil

Ning Lu William J. Likos
644 Citations View more

Quantifying Biomediated Ground Improvement by Ureolysis: Large-Scale Biogrout Experiment

Leon A. van Paassen Ranajit Ghose Thomas J. M. van der Linden
589 Citations View more

Liquefaction Resistance of Soils from Shear-Wave Velocity

Ronald D. Andrus Kenneth H. Stokoe II
540 Citations View more

Seismic Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction Experiments and Analyses

Ross W. Boulanger Christina J. Curras Bruce L. Kutter
505 Citations View more

Bender Elements: Performance and Signal Interpretation

Jong-Sub Lee J. Carlos Santamarina
495 Citations View more

Analytical Prediction for Tunneling-Induced Ground Movements in Clays

N. Loganathan H. G. Poulos
483 Citations View more

Biological Considerations in Geotechnical Engineering

James K. Mitchell J. Carlos Santamarina
462 Citations View more

Undrained Fragility of Clean Sands, Silty Sands, and Sandy Silts

S. Thevanayagam T. Shenthan S. Mohan
450 Citations View more

Factors Affecting Efficiency of Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation

Ahmed Al Qabany Kenichi Soga Carlos Santamarina
444 Citations View more

Standard Penetration Test-Based Probabilistic and Deterministic Assessment of Seismic Soil Liquefaction Potential

K. Onder Cetin Raymond B. Seed Armen Der Kiureghian
441 Citations View more

Physicochemical and Engineering Behavior of Cement Treated Clays

S. H. Chew A. H. M. Kamruzzaman F. H. Lee
437 Citations View more

Numerical Analysis of Geosynthetic-Reinforced and Pile-Supported Earth Platforms over Soft Soil

J. Han M. A. Gabr
434 Citations View more

Liquefaction Resistance of Soils: Summary Report from the 1996 NCEER and 1998 NCEER/NSF Workshops on Evaluation of Liquefaction Resistance of Soils

T. L. Youd I. M. Idriss
398 Citations View more

Shear Strength and Stiffness of Silty Sand

R. Salgado P. Bandini A. Karim
388 Citations View more

Influence of Spatial Variability on Slope Reliability Using 2-D Random Fields

D. V. Griffiths Jinsong Huang Gordon A. Fenton
372 Citations View more

Goodbye, Hazen; Hello, Kozeny-Carman

W. David Carrier
371 Citations View more

Effect of Desiccation on Compacted Natural Clays

Brian A. Albrecht Craig H. Benson
358 Citations View more

Simplified Procedure for Estimating Earthquake-Induced Deviatoric Slope Displacements

Jonathan D. Bray Thaleia Travasarou
351 Citations View more

Key Parameters for Strength Control of Artificially Cemented Soils

Nilo Cesar Consoli Diego Foppa Lucas Festugato
348 Citations View more