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Journal of Metamorphic Geology is a journal indexed in SJR in Geology and Geochemistry and Petrology with an H index of 108. It has a price of 2650 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 2,784 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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Journal of Metamorphic Geology


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Best articles

A re-evaluation of eclogite facies metamorphism in SW Japan: proposal for an eclogite nappe

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Amphibolite to granulite transition in aluminous greywackes from the Sierra de Comechingones, Cordoba, Argentina

View more

Amphibolites with staurolite and other aluminous minerals: calculated mineral equilibria in NCFMASH

View more

Andalusite-sillimanite-quartz veins as indicators of low-pressure-high-temperature deformation during late-stage unroofing of a metamorphic core complex, Turkey

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Application of K-feldspar-jadeite-quartz barometry to eclogite facies metagranites and metapelites in the Sesia Lanzo Zone (Western Alps, Italy)*

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Approaches to equilibrium in the distribution of trace elements among the principal minerals in a high-grade metamorphic terrane

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Behaviour of rigid objects during deformation and metamorphism: a test using schists from the Bolton syncline, Connecticut, USA

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Borosilicate- and phengite-bearing veins from the Grenville Province of Labrador: evidence for rapid uplift

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Can a reaction be written between a set of minerals within error?

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Comparison of diagenetic and low-grade metamorphic evolution of chlorite in associated metapelites and metabasites: an integrated TEM and XRD study

View more

Complex microstructures preserved in rocks with a simple matrix: significance for deformation and metamorphic processes

View more

Computer experiments to investigate complex fibre patterns in natural antitaxial strain fringes

View more

Cr-rich magnesiochloritoid eclogites from the Monviso ophiolites (Western Alps, Italy)

View more

Crack-fill porphyroblastesis

View more

Cretaceous evolution of a metamorphic core complex, the Veporic unit, Western Carpathians (Slovakia): P-T conditions and in situ40Ar/39Ar UV laser probe dating of metapelites

View more

Cretaceous high-P granulites at Milford Sound, New Zealand: metamorphic history and emplacement in a convergent margin setting

View more

Crustal thickening and ductile extension in the NE Greenland Caledonides: a metamorphic record from anatectic pelites

View more

Deep subduction of mantle-derived garnet peridotites from the Su-Lu UHP metamorphic terrane in China

View more

Deformation, high-pressure metamorphism and exhumation of ultramafic rocks in a deep subduction/collision setting (Cabo Ortegal, NW Spain)

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Deformation, mass transfer and mineral reactions in an eclogite facies shear zone in a polymetamorphic metapelite (Monte Rosa nappe, western Alps)

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Dehydration melting and devolatilization during exhumation of high-grade metapelites: the Tatra Mountains, Western Carpathians

View more

Development of garnet porphyroblasts by multiple nucleation, coalescence and boundary misorientation-driven rotations

View more

Diffusion creep and partial melting in high temperature mylonitic gneisses, Hope Valley shear zone, New England Appalachians, USA

View more

Dissolution and precipitation processes in deformed amphibolites: an example from the ductile shear zone of the Ryoke metamorphic belt, SW Japan

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