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Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics is a journal indexed in SJR in Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials and Surfaces, Coatings and Films with an H index of 198. It has a price of 2040 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,857 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,857.

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: magnetic, properties, x, sf, plasma, dielectric, electron, nanoparticles, laser, ion, ...

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Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics


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Aims and Scope

magnetic, properties, x, sf, plasma, dielectric, electron, nanoparticles, laser, ion, particle, oxygen, o, r, studies, superconducting, times, nanoparticle, microplasma, acoustic, air, anisotropy, barrier, beam, cryogenic, discharge, dynamic, effect, emission, flow, gas, magnetite,

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A dual-band metamaterial absorber with adjacent absorption peaks

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A new model of dependence of secondary electron emission yield on primary electron energy for application to polymers

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A novel electrode-arc-weld pool model for studying the keyhole formation in the keyhole plasma arc welding process

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A novel method for calculating and measuring the second-order buoyancy experienced by a magnet immersed in magnetic fluid

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A review: wafer bonding of Si-based semiconductors

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A study on the spectral photoresponse and photoelectrochemical properties of flame-annealed titania nanotube-arrays

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Active control of narrowband total absorption based on terahertz hybrid Dirac semimetal-graphene metamaterials

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An experimental approach to optimising refraction sensitivity for lab-based edge illumination phase contrast set-ups

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Broadband RCS reduction for electrically-large open-ended cavity using random coding metasurfaces

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Charge storage impact on input capacitance in p-GaN gate AlGaN/GaN power HEMTs

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Charge transport dynamics and the effects on electrical tree degradation under DC voltages in thermally aged silicone rubber

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Controlling the plasma of deep penetration laser welding to increase power efficiency

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Deformation dynamics of an active compound particle in an imposed shear flow - a theoretical study

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Degradation mechanisms of InP-based high-electron-mobility transistors under 1 MeV electron irradiation

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Development of subsonic electrical discharges in water and measurements of the associated pressure waves

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Dielectric metalenses with off-axis and multi-focal spots based on converging Airy beams with different initial velocities or accelerations

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Dielectrophoresis of bubbles in isomotive electric fields

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Direct observation and simultaneous use of linear and quadratic electro-optical effects

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Effect of fast electrons on emission properties of non-equilibrium nitrogen plasma in soft x-ray spectral range

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Effect of Horizontal p-n Junction on Optoelectronics Characteristics in InGaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes with V-shaped Pits

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Effect of notch depth of modified current collector on internal-short-circuit mitigation for lithium-ion battery

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Effect of regioregularity on recombination dynamics in inverted bulk heterojunction organic solar cells

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Effect of tungsten doping on perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and its voltage effect in single crystal Fe/MgO(001) interfaces

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Effect of vibrationally excited N2(v) on atomic nitrogen generation using two consecutive pulse corona discharges under atmospheric pressure N2

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