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Journal of Rheology is a journal indexed in SJR in Materials Science (miscellaneous) and Condensed Matter Physics with an H index of 120. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,809 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,809.

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Journal of Rheology


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A squeezing experiment showing binder migration in concentrated suspensions

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Linear and nonlinear rheology of bidisperse polymer blends

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Rebuttal to Denn's Comments on the Paper by Tsai and Darby

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Nonlinear Rheological Behaviour and Shear-Dependent Structure in Colloidal Dispersions

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Nonlinear rheology of highly entangled polymer liquids: Step shear damping function

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Effect of Flocculation on the Dilatant Flow for Aqueous Suspensions of Titanium Dioxides

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A Fundamental Study of the Rheological Properties of Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Polyethylene and Polystyrene Melts

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Dynamic transitions and oscillatory melting of a two-dimensional crystal subjected to shear flow

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An Overview of Mobility Control in Micellar/Polymer Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes

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Letter to the Editor: Comment on "On the Rouse spectrum and the determination of the molecular weight distribution from rheological data" [J. Rheol.44, 429-438 (2000)]

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Continuum Mechanical and Statistical Approaches in the Mechanics of Granular Materials

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Hyperbaric Fano Flow of Newtonian Fluids

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Micellar structure changes in aqueous mixtures of nonionic surfactants

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Model for the rheology and nonlinear response of layered materials

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The role of surface tension on the elastic decohesion of polymeric filaments

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Structure scaling properties of confined nematic polymers in plane Couette cells: The weak flow limit

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Rheology and nuclear magnetic resonance measurements under shear of sodium dodecyl sulfate/decanol/water nematics

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A striking hydrodynamic phenomenon: Split of a polymer melt in capillary flow

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RQP Method of Inferring a Mechanical Relaxation Spectrum

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Structure formation in moderately concentrated viscoelastic suspensions in simple shear flow

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