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Journal of Structural Biology is a journal indexed in SJR in Structural Biology with an H index of 139. It has a price of 2500 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 3,684 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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Journal of Structural Biology


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Best articles

2D fast rotational matching for image processing of biophysical data

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3D imaging of diatoms with ion-abrasion scanning electron microscopy

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4Pi-microscopy of the Golgi apparatus in live mammalian cells

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A binary segmentation approach for boxing ribosome particles in cryo EM micrographs

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A link between sequence conservation and domain motion within the AAA+ family

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A multiresolution approach to orientation assignment in 3D electron microscopy of single particles

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A role for macromolecular crowding effects in the assembly and function of compartments in the nucleus

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A study of lipid secretion from the lichen symbionts, ascomycetous fungus Myelochroa leucotyliza and green alga Trebouxia sp.

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AFM of biological material embedded in epoxy resin

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Amyloid fibrillogenesis of silkmoth chorion protein peptide-analogues via a liquid-crystalline intermediate phase

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An approach to automated particle picking from electron micrographs based on reduced representation templates

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An emergent understanding of strand displacement in RNA biology

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Auto-accumulation method using simulated annealing enables fully automatic particle pickup completely free from a matching template or learning data

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Automated Electron Tomography of the Septal Pore Cap in Rhizoctonia solani

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Automated particle selection for cryo-electron microscopy

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Automated three-dimensional reconstruction of keyhole limpet hemocyanin type 1

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Backbone dynamic properties of the central linker region of calcium-calmodulin in 35% trifluoroethanol

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Book Review

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Conformational and enzymatic changes of 20S proteasome of rat natural killer cells induced by mono- and divalent cations

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Cross-correlation and merging of crystallographic reflections derived from cryoelectron micrographs of 3D crystals: application to the Limulus acrosomal bundle

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Crystal structure of rat intestinal alkaline phosphatase -Role of crown domain in mammalian alkaline phosphatases

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Crystal structure of the mucin-binding domain of Spr1345 from Streptococcus pneumoniae

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Crystallization and Initial X-Ray Diffraction Characterization of Complexes of FxFG Nucleoporin Repeats with Nuclear Transport Factors

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Design and regulation of the AAA+ microtubule motor dynein

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