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Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: acid, antioxidant, olive, wheat, flaxseed, oxidation, antifungal, oil, development, differences, ...

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Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture


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acid, antioxidant, olive, wheat, flaxseed, oxidation, antifungal, oil, development, differences, digestion, oils, diets, growth, content, deficit, growing, mechanism, promote, againstcandida, activitieseffect, NA

Best articles

1H HR-MAS NMR and isotopic investigation of bread and flour samples produced in southern Italy

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A comparison between buffalo(Bubalus bubalis) and cow(Bos taurus) rumen fluids in terms of thein vitro fermentation characteristics of three fibrous feedstuffs

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A farinograph study on the viscoelastic properties of sago/wheat flour dough systems

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A model of non-isothermal degradation of nutrients, pigments and enzymes

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A new methodology for studying the performance of products against ruminal acidosis

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A research note: the potential for transfer ofSalmonella from irrigation water to tomatoes

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A study of the aroma of fried bacon and fried pork loin

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Antioxidant efficiency of oregano during frying and storage of potato chips

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Application of a polymerase chain reaction(PCR) method as a complementary tool to microscopic analysis for the detection of bones and other animal tissues in home-made animal meals

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Atmosphere composition effects on Burlat cherry colour during cold storage

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Beer: quality, safety and nutritional aspects. PS Hughes and ED Baxter. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, 2001. 138 pp ISBN 0-85404-588-0

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Ber. Edited by OP Pareek. International Centre for Under-utilized Crops, Southampton, 2001. 290 pp, ISBN 854327525

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Brewing yeast and fermentation. C Boulter and D Quain. Blackwell Science Ltd, London, 2001. 644 pp. ISBN 0-632-05475-1

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Bunker-stored silage covered with biodegradable coating. Part I. Laboratory assay

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CAP reform, competitiveness and sustainability

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Carbohydrates in grain legume seeds. Edited by CL Hedleyet al. CABI Publishing, Oxford, 2001 pp 352, ISBN 0-85199-467-9

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Changes in physicochemical properties and microstructure of dried squid during softening treatment

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Characterisation of frozen orange juice by ultrasound and wavelet analysis

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Characterisation of phenols and antioxidant and hypolipidaemic activities of Lethariella cladonioides

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Chemical and biological modification of cynaropicrin and grosheimin: a structure-bitterness relationship study

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Chemical composition andin vitro digestibility of some Spanish browse plant species

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Chemical composition of shell and flesh of three prawn samples from Lagos lagoon

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Chocolate, chocolate fats and the EU chocolate directive

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Cloning and expression of gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase and its relationship to greening in crushed garlic (Allium sativum) cloves

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