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New Journal of Chemistry is a journal indexed in SJR in Materials Chemistry and Chemistry (miscellaneous) with an H index of 118. It has a price of 2395 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,712 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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New Journal of Chemistry


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Best articles

[2.2.2]m,p,p- and [2.2.2]m,m,p-Cyclophane-Ag-triflate: new p-prismand complexes

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{[Cu(H2O)3][Cu(phmal)2]}n: a new two-dimensional copper(ii) complex with intralayer ferromagnetic interactions (phmal=phenylmalonate dianion)

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18-Electron Os(X)(CHR)(Cl)(CO)L2 (X=H, Cl): not octahedral and metastable?

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A combined covalent and coordination approach to dendritic multiporphyrin arrays based on ruthenium(II) porphyrins

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A cyclic (H2O)4cluster characterized in the solid state disappears on heating and regenerates from water vapor: A supramolecular reversible gas-solid reaction

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A molecular orbital investigation of the diamagnetism and stability of triangular 50-electron M3Ln clusters

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A molecular redox switch via iron translocation in a bicompartmental ligand

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A new 1D bimetallic thiocyanate-bridged copper(II)-cobalt(II) compound

View more

A thiophosphorylated hemicryptophane: structure of the toluene inclusion complex

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About the TATB hypothesis: solvation of the Asphi4+ and Bphi4- ions and their tetrahedral and spherical analogues in aqueous/nonaqueous solvents and at a water-chloroform interface

View more

Absorption spectroscopy and time-dependent theoretical calculation of the intervalence band of [FeIIFeIIIBPMP(OPr)2](BPh4)2, a localized mixed-valence compound with a nonlinear metal-bridging ligand- metal core

View more

Activation and transfer of O2 to organic electrophiles by [RuH(dcpe)2]+

View more

Amphiphilic urocanic acid derivatives as catalysts of ester hydrolysis

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An 'off-on-off' fluorescent sensor for pH based on ligand-proton and ligand-metal-proton interactions

View more

Atom transfer polymerisation with glucose and cholesterol derived initiators

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Aza analogs of nucleic acid bases: infrared and Raman spectra of 5-azauracil and crystal structure of 5-azauracil monohydrate

View more

Bi-ionic system: theoretical investigation on the ionic fluxes through an ion-exchange membrane

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Bis(bipyridine)-phenanthroline double-stranded helicates of the metals: zinc(II), silver(I) and copper(I) helicates

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Breaking an electronically preferred symmetry by steric effects in a series of [Ir(biph)X(QR3)2] compounds (X=Cl or I, Q=P or As)

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Chiral coordination polymers based on thallium(i) complexes of new bis- and tris(pyrazolyl)borate ligands with externally-directed 4-pyridyl groups

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Concomitant polymorphism and supramolecular isomerism in 1,3,5-tris(4-cyanobenzoyl)benzene

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Conformational preferences of bis(acetonitrile)tetrachloro molybdenum(IV) and tungsten(IV). Crystal structure of WCl4(CH3CN)2 and DFT calculations

View more

Conversion of aldehydes to amides via dimethyl sulfoxide oxidation of the corresponding a-aminonitriles

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Copper(II) complexes of new potentially hexadentate N3S3- or N6-donor podand ligands based on the tris(pyrazolyl)borate or tris(pyrazolyl)methane core

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