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Nutrition Reviews is a highly cited, monthly, international, peer-reviewed journal that specializes in the publication of authoritative and critical literature reviews on current and emerging topics in nutrition science, food science, clinical nutrition, and nutrition policy. Readers of Nutrition Reviews include nutrition scientists, biomedical researchers, clinical and dietetic practitioners, and advanced students of nutrition. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,521.

Nutrition Reviews focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: glycemic, dairy, review, systematic, managementcarbohydrates, management, manufacturinghuman, metaanalysis, metaanalysisvegetarian, metabolic, ...

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Nutrition Reviews


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Aims and Scope

glycemic, dairy, review, systematic, managementcarbohydrates, management, manufacturinghuman, metaanalysis, metaanalysisvegetarian, metabolic, nutrient, panel, acids, prevention, prospective, public, recommendationcholine, response, risk, essential, biomarkers, breast, cancer, chocolate, dark, diabetes, diets, dose, benefit, fat, studiesclinical, healthfatty, index, intakes, international, lifestyle,

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