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Progress in Oceanography is a journal indexed in SJR in Aquatic Science and Geology with an H index of 127. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,803 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

Progress in Oceanography focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: mediterranean, sea, dynamics, production, responses, potential, trophic, marine, south, ocean, ...

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Progress in Oceanography


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mediterranean, sea, dynamics, production, responses, potential, trophic, marine, south, ocean, north, niño, ecosystem, bottlenose, commons, concentrations, biscay, bisagno, currentinfluence, atolls, availabilityecosystem, basin, bay, beaufort, benthic, bightmoving, biogeochemical,

Best articles

A description of temporal and spatial variability in the Bering Sea spring phytoplankton blooms (1997-1999) using satelite multi-sensor remote sensing

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A description of the tides in the Eastern North Atlantic

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A review of hydrographic controls on the distribution of zooplankton biomass and species in the North Sea with particular reference to a survey conducted in January-March 1987

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A TOPEX/POSEIDON global tidal model (TPXO.2) and barotropic tidal currents determined from long-range acoustic transmissions

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Abundance of a chlorophyll a precursor and the oxidation product hydroxychlorophyll a during seasonal phytoplankton community progression in the Western English Channel

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An overview of statistical methods applied to CPR data

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Applying the concept of the ecological niche and a macroecological approach to understand how climate influences zooplankton: Advantages, assumptions, limitations and requirements

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Arctic Ocean circulation, processes and water masses: A description of observations and ideas with focus on the period prior to the International Polar Year 2007-2009

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Benthic foraminiferal assemblages in Explorers Cove, Antarctica: A shallow-water site with deep-sea characteristics

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Benthic metazoan biomass, community structure and bioturbation at three contrasting deep-water sites on the northwest European continental margin

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Classification of mesoscale features in the Brazil-Falkland Current confluence zone

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Climate-related differences in zooplankton density and growth on the inner shelf of the southeastern Bering Sea

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Climatic changes in the subtropical Southeast Atlantic: the St. Helena Island Climate Index (1893-1999)

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Comparing the results of a 4D-variational assimilation of satellite and in situ data with WOCE CITHER hydrographic measurements in the tropical Atlantic

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Continuous Plankton Recorder sampling off the east coast of North America: history and status

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Contrasting spawning temperature optima: Why are anchovy and sardine regime shifts synchronous across the North Pacific?

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Deep water formation and exchange rates in the Greenland/Norwegian Seas and the Eurasian Basin of the Arctic Ocean derived from tracer balances

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Demersal fish and megafaunal assemblages on the Cretan continental shelf and slope (NE Mediterranean): seasonal variation in species density, biomass and diversity

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Distribution and transport processes of lithogenic material from the Amur River revealed by the Sr and Nd isotope ratios of sediments from the Sea of Okhotsk

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Downward fluxes of settling particles in the deep Cretan Sea (NE Mediterranean)

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Dynamics of the bathyal Benthic Boundary Layer in the northwestern Mediterranean: depth and temporal variations in macrofaunal-megafaunal communities and their possible connections within deep-sea trophic webs

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ENVIFISH: an EU/Southern African collaborative project investigating environmental causes of pelagic fisheries variability

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Erratum to: Transfer-function modelling between environmental variation and mesozooplankton in the Baltic Sea [Progress in Oceanography 59 (2003) 339-356]

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Errors in recent ocean tide models: possible origin and cause

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