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Psychoneuroendocrinology is a journal indexed in SJR in Endocrinology and Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism with an H index of 164. It has an SJR impact factor of 2,049 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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a2-Adrenergic receptor sensitivity in panic disorder: I

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Abnormalities in response to vasopressin infusion in chronic fatigue syndrome

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Activation of hypothalamic neuronal nitric oxide synthase in lithium-induced diabetes insipidus rats

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Adult cognitive ability and socioeconomic status as mediators of the effects of childhood disadvantage on salivary cortisol in aging adults

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Adult erotosexual status and fetal hormonal masculinization and demasculinization: 46,XX congenital virilizing adrenal hyperplasia and 46,XY androgen-insensitivity syndrome compared

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Assessment of the cortisol awakening response: Real-time analysis and curvilinear effects of sample timing inaccuracy

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Associations between fear-avoidance and endurance responses to pain and salivary cortisol in the context of experimental pain induction

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Attenuated cortisol reactivity to psychosocial stress is associated with greater visual dependency in postural control

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Awakening cortisol responses are influenced by health status and awakening time but not by menstrual cycle phase

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Behavioral and endocrine effects of growth hormone administration in aged female rats

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Behaviour, chemosignals and endocrine functions in male mice infected with tick-borne encephalitis virus

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Biosocial factors, sexual orientation and neurocognitive functioning

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Blunted temperature and cortisol responses to ipsapirone in major depression: lack of enhancement by electroconvulsive therapy

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Central mediation of the effects of interleukin-1 on social exploration and body weight in mice

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Cerebrospinal fluid and plasma testosterone levels in post-traumatic stress disorder and tobacco dependence

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Circadian changes in the sensitivity of the corticotropin-releasing hormones-stimulated HPA system after arginine vasopressin and atrial natriuretic hormone in human male controls

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Consequences of the presence of the mother or unfamiliar adult female on cortisol, ACTH, testosterone and behavioral responses of periadolescent guinea pigs during exposure to novelty

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Cortisol awakening response is blunted and pain perception is increased during menses in cyclic women

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Cortisol awakening rise in middle-aged women in relation to psychological stress

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Cortisol levels six-years after participation in the Family Bereavement Program

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Cortisol, prolactin, growth hormone and neurovegetative responses to emotions elicited during an hypnoidal state

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Cytokine Knockouts. Edited by S.K. Durum and K. Muegge. Humana Press, Totowa, New Jersey, 1998. ISBN 0-89603-368-6.

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Cytokine secretion in squirrel monkeys

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Decreased inhibitory activity of PKC in OCD patients after six months of treatment

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