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SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing is a journal indexed in SJR in Applied Mathematics and Computational Mathematics with an H index of 128. It has a price of 2040 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,928 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing


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Best articles

A BLAS-3 Version of the QR Factorization with Column Pivoting

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A Comparative Study on Uncertainty Quantification for Flow in Randomly Heterogeneous Media Using Monte Carlo Simulations and Conventional and KL-Based Moment-Equation Approaches

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A Comparison of Preconditioned Nonsymmetric Krylov Methods on a Large-Scale MIMD Machine

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A Deflated Version of the Conjugate Gradient Algorithm

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A Fast Direct Solver for Structured Linear Systems by Recursive Skeletonization

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A High Performance Computing and Sensitivity Analysis Algorithm for Stochastic Many-Particle Wave Scattering

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A Higher Order Scheme for a Tangentially Stabilized Plane Curve Shortening Flow with a Driving Force

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A Jacobi--Davidson Method for Solving Complex Symmetric Eigenvalue Problems

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A Modified Iterative Refinement Scheme

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A Moment-Parity Multigrid Preconditioner for the First-Order System Least-Squares Formulation of the Boltzmann Transport Equation

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A Multigrid Method Enhanced by Krylov Subspace Iteration for Discrete Helmholtz Equations

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A Multigrid Preconditioned Newton--Krylov Method

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A Particle-Partition of Unity Method--Part II: Efficient Cover Construction and Reliable Integration

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A Phase Error Analysis of Multigrid Methods for Hyperbolic Equations

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A Posteriori Error Control in Adaptive Qualocation Boundary Element Analysis for a Logarithmic-Kernel Integral Equation of the First Kind

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A Posteriori Error Estimation and Global Error Control for Ordinary Differential Equations by the Adjoint Method

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A Posteriori Error Estimation for Stabilized Mixed Approximations of the Stokes Equations

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A Provably Positive Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Multidimensional Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics

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A Rational Spectral Collocation Method with Adaptively Transformed Chebyshev Grid Points

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A Restricted Additive Schwarz Preconditioner for General Sparse Linear Systems

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A Robust Criterion for the Modified Gram--Schmidt Algorithm with Selective Reorthogonalization

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A Robust Preconditioner with Low Memory Requirements for Large Sparse Least Squares Problems

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A Schwarz Preconditioner for the Cubed-Sphere

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A Second Order Nonsmooth Variational Model for Restoring Manifold-Valued Images

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