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Soft Matter focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: active, impact, liquid, polymer, behaviour, diffusion, molecular, particle, based, ionic, ...

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Soft Matter


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Aims and Scope

active, impact, liquid, polymer, behaviour, diffusion, molecular, particle, based, ionic, model, phase, water, systems, weight, anion, soft, dynamics, stretchability, crystalline, driven, drop, dry, NA

Best articles

"Annular Ring" microtubes formed by SDS@2beta-CD complexes in aqueous solution

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3D printing of implantable elastic PLCL copolymer scaffolds

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A conductive hydrogel based on alginate and carbon nanotubes for probing microbial electroactivity

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A cosolvency effect on tunable thermosensitive core-shell nanoparticle gels

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A direct observation of nanometer-size void dynamics in an ultra-thin water film

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A flow visualization and superposition rheology study of shear-banding wormlike micelle solutions

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A microscopic view of graphene-oxide/poly(acrylic acid) physical hydrogels: effects of polymer charge and graphene oxide loading

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A multi-scale study of enzyme diffusion in macromolecular solutions and physical gels of pectin polysaccharides

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A new model for cell division and migration with spontaneous topology changes

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A pH-sensitive macro- and nanohydrogel constructed from cationic hydroxyl-containing hyperbranched polycarbonate

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A simple landscape of metastable state energies for two-dimensional cellular matter

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A structure-dynamics relationship in ratcheted colloids: resonance melting, dislocations, and defect clusters

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Anisotropic behaviours of droplets impacting on dielectrowetting substrates

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Apollonian packing in polydisperse emulsions

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Autonomous analysis to identify bijels from two-dimensional images

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Biaxial mesophase behavior of amphiphilic anisometric colloids: a simulation study

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Binding cooperativity of membrane adhesion receptors

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Chain dimensions and surface characterization of superhydrophilic polymer brushes with zwitterion side groups

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Close packing density and fracture strength of adsorbed polydisperse particle layers

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Combining tomographic imaging and DEM simulations to investigate the structure of experimental sphere packings

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Condensation mode determines the freezing of condensed water on solid surfaces

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Confining blue phase colloids to thin layers

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Controlling the residence time of a bouncing drop with asymmetric shaping

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Correction: Diffusion dynamics of a single collapsed homopolymer globule at the solid-liquid interface

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