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Tectonophysics is a journal indexed in SJR in Geophysics and Earth-Surface Processes with an H index of 192. It has a price of 2835 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,309 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,309.

Tectonophysics focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: data, earthquake, japan, inversion, southwest, geodynamic, implications, tectonics, geomorphological, evidence, ...

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Aims and Scope

data, earthquake, japan, inversion, southwest, geodynamic, implications, tectonics, geomorphological, evidence, electron, elastic, foldandthrust, formation, east, early, domains, datacrustal, deformation, critical, craton, continental, boundary, bond, block, beni, active, basinsleftlateral, atlantis, art, antarctic, ancestral,

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Orogen-parallel extension in the Southern Carpathians

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Fluid inclusions in "Marmarosh Diamonds": evidence for tectonic history of the Folded Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine

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Geochemical investigation of the igneous rocks from the Nurali ophiolite melange zone, Southern Urals

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Near-surface folding along an active fault: seismic or aseismic?

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UPb and RbSr geochronological evidence for late Hercynian tectonic and Alpine overthrusting in Kabylian metamorphic basement massifs (northeastern Algeria)

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Thermal history of the eastern Gulf of Suez, II. Reconstruction from apatite fission track and K-feldspar measurements

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Transformation-induced faulting requires an exothermic reaction and explains the cessation of earthquakes at the base of the mantle transition zone

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Radiogenic heat production in the Variscan crust: new determinations and distribution models in Corsica (northwestern Mediterranean)

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The scales of mantle convection

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Modelling of stresses in the Fennoscandian lithosphere induced by Pleistocene glaciations

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Subsidence analysis and quantitative basin modelling in the Styrian Basin (Pannonian Basin System, Austria)

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Sedimentary cycles and paleogeography of the Dnieper Donets Basin during the late Visean-Serpukhovian based on multiscale analysis of well logs

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AVO analysis by offset-limited prestack migrations of crustal seismic data

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Cretaceous palaeomagnetic results from Hainan Island in south China supporting the extrusion model of Southeast Asia

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Effects of the Quaternary sea-level change on the subsidence of a sedimentary basin: a case study of the Osaka Bay sedimentary basin, Japan

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Granitoid pluton formation by spreading of continental crust: the Wiley Glacier complex, northwest Palmer Land, Antarctica

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Cretaceous to Cenozoic thermal evolution of the southwestern South Carpathians: evidence from fission-track thermochronology

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On the probability of selecting a sample with inclination less than the true mean from a circular distribution: paleomagnetic and tectonic implications

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The KRISP 94 lithospheric investigation of southern Kenya - the experiments and their main results

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Nd, Sr, and Pb isotopic evidence for diverse lithospheric mantle sources of East African Rift carbonatites

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The KRISP-94 magnetotelluric survey of early 1995: first results

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Interactive dynamics of faults

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Crustal structure at the SE Greenland margin from wide-angle and normal incidence seismic data

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The significance of the fracture pattern of the Late-Eocene Montserrat fan-delta, Catalan Coastal Ranges (NE Spain)

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