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Tetrahedron is a journal indexed in SJR in Biochemistry and Drug Discovery with an H index of 221. It has a price of 2205 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,581 and it has a best quartile of Q2. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,581.

Tetrahedron focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: synthesis, preparation, derivatives, synthetic, reactions, study, reaction, asymmetric, chiral, part, ...

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synthesis, preparation, derivatives, synthetic, reactions, study, reaction, asymmetric, chiral, part, reagents, porphyrins, cylindricine, aryl, acid, acids, studies, structures, cyclization, amino, cypridina, du, ethers, marine, molecular, nucleophilic, stable, substituted,

Best articles

1-methyl-1H-2-pyrrolethiol and -selenol. Synthesis, tautomerism and autotransformations

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2-Bromocyclohexanone Perhydrate - X-ray Crystal Structure and Conformational Effects on Reactivity in Sulfoxidations

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2,2-Dichlorination of Aldehydes with the 2,6-Lutidine¬?HCl/Cl2/CH2Cl2 System: an Environmentally Benign Process Suitable for Scale Up

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A Convenient Method for Synthesis of Optically Active Methylphenidate from N-Methoxycarbonylpiperidine by Utilizing Electrochemical Oxidation and Evans Aldol-type Reaction

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A Facile Silyl Linker Strategy for the Solid-Phase Synthesis of Protected Glycopeptide: Synthesis of an N-Terminal Fragment of IL-2 (1-10)

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A Novel Thiolate Mediated Cyclization to OPC-15161

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A Simple Synthesis of Morphine-3,6-di-beta-d-glucuronide

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A Statistical Study of Density and Packing Variations among Crystalline Isomers

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A Sulfoxide Version of the Julia-Lythgoe Olefination: A New Method for the Synthesis of Olefins from Carbonyl Compounds and Sulfoxides with Carbon-Carbon Coupling

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A Synthetic Route to a New Surface-Active Phosphine Ligand: 12-DPDP (12-Diphenylphosphinododecylphosphonate)

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Acetobromomaltose, a New Source of Carbohydrate Radicals. EPR Characterisation of Maltosyl and 2-Deoxymaltos-2-yl Radicals and Syntheses of Tetrasaccharide-like Mimics, Maltal, 3-a-Maltosyl Propiononitrile, 1,5-Anhydromaltitol and 2-Deoxymaltopyranos

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Acid catalyzed rearrangement and acyl migration studies on 9-dihydro-13-acetylbaccatin-III, a major taxane from Taxus canadensis

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An Efficient Synthesis of 11beta-(4-Aminophenyl)spiro[estr-4-ene-17beta,2'(5'H)-furan]-3,5'-dione

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An Investigation of the Solid-State Photochemistry of a-Mesitylacetophenone Derivatives: Asymmetric Induction Studies and Crystal Structure-Reactivity Relationships

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Aryl radical cyclisation onto pyrroles

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Asymmetric Induction in Cobaloxime Complex Crystals Due to Chiral Crystal Environment

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Azoles. Part 43: Reactions of N-(Phenylsulphonylmethyl)- and N-(Phenylsulphinylmethyl)azoles with some Nitroarenes

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beta, gamma-Unsaturated a-amino ester derivatives by amination of gamma-silylated a,beta-unsaturated esters

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Chemical Semisynthesis and Biotransformation with Rhizopus nigricans of Several Sesquiterpenes: Obtention of New 1a- and 2a-Hydroxyselinane Derivatives

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Comparative Structural Characterization of the Biquaternized N-CH3 and N-BH3 Derivatives of the cis-Cyclen and cis-Cyclam Condensation Products with Glyoxal

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Compelled Orientational Control of the Solid-State Photodimerization of trans -Cinnamamides: Dicarboxylic Acid as a Non-covalent Linker

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Conformational control in the synthesis of mixed tetraethers of calix[4]arene. Part 2

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Construction of Peptides That Undergo Structural Transition from a-Helix to beta-Sheet and Amyloid Fibril Formation by the Introduction of N-Terminal Hydrophobic Amino Acids

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Controlling the Size of Vesicles Prepared from Egg Lecithin using a Hydrotrope

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