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Biomass and Bioenergy is a journal indexed in SJR in Agronomy and Crop Science and Forestry with an H index of 169. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,11 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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Biomass and Bioenergy


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A biotechnological process for treatment and recycling poultry wastes manure as a feed ingredient

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A Geographic Information System-based modeling system for evaluating the cost of delivered energy crop feedstock

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A methodology for assessing gamebird use of short rotation coppice

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A methodology for financial evaluation of biogas technology in India using cost functions

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A strategy for process modelling of short-rotation Salix coppice plantations

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Above-ground biomass assessments and first cutting cycle production in willow (Salix sp.) coppice - a comparison between destructive and non-destructive methods

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An above-ground biomass production model for a common reed (Phragmites communis Trin.) stand

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An economic analysis of the financial viability of switchgrass as a raw material for pulp production in eastern Ontario

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An international perspective on the characterisation and management of residues from MSW incinerators

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Analyzing the potential of domestic biomass resources for the energy transition in Switzerland

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Assessing and mapping biomass potential productivity from poplar-dominated riparian forests: A case study

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Assessment of sustainable biomass resource for energy use in China

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Assessment of the potential of willow SRC plants for energy production in areas contaminated by radionuclide deposits: methodology and perspectives

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Biofuel consumption, deforestation, and farm level tree growing in rural India

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Biomass combustion for power generation

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Biomass energy flows in Zimbabwe

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Biomass energy transport

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Biomass equations and estimation for Gmelina arborea and Nauclea diderrichii stands in Akure forest reserve

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Biomass resources assessment and bioenergy generation for a clean and sustainable development in Cameroon

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Biomass utilisation: A perspective of task X IEA bioenergy agreement 1992-1994

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Biomass yield, nutrient concentration and nutrient uptake by SRC willow cultivars grown on different sites in Denmark

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Briquetting and combustion of spring-harvested reed canary-grass: effect of fuel composition

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Can biogas digesters help to reduce deforestation in Africa?

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Carbon flows and economic evaluation of mitigation options in Tanzania's forest sector

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