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European Journal of Applied Physiology is a journal indexed in SJR in Medicine (miscellaneous) and Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health with an H index of 128. It has a price of 3060 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,134 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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European Journal of Applied Physiology


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Best articles

"Comments on ""Influence of pedalling rate on the energy cost of cycling in humans"

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"Influence of pedalling rate on the energy cost of cycling in humans"". Answer to Piero Mognini, Franco Saibene, and Brian R. Umberger"

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A physiological counterpoint to mechanistic estimates of ?internal power? during cycling at different pedal rates

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Acute and severe hypobaric hypoxia-induced muscle oxidative stress in mice: the role of glutathione against oxidative damage

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Adults have lower stroke rate during submaximal front crawl swimming than children

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Blood glucose threshold and the metabolic responses to incremental exercise tests with and without prior lactic acidosis induction

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Body metabolic rate and electromyographic activities of antigravitational muscles in supine and standing postures

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Bovine colostrum supplementation does not affect plasma buffer capacity or haemoglobin content in elite female rowers

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Breathing around the clock: an overview of the circadian pattern of respiration

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Cardiorespiratory and hemodynamic responses during repetitive incremental lifting and lowering in healthy males and females

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Cardiovascular responses to head-out water immersion in Korean women breath-hold divers

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Cardioventilatory changes induced by mentally imaged rowing

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Cerebral autoregulation is compromised during simulated fluctuations in gravitational stress

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Changes in erythropoietin and haemoglobin concentrations in response to saturation diving

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Chest wall kinematics and respiratory muscle coordinated action during hypercapnia in healthy males

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Computer-assisted skin videothermography is a highly sensitive quality tool in the diagnosis and monitoring of complex regional pain syndrome type'I

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Concurrent EMG feedback acutely improves strength and muscle activation

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Das Verhalten der Pulsfrequenz in der Erholungsperiode nach k'rperlicher Arbeit

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Differences in morphology and force/velocity relationship between Senegalese and Italian sprinters

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Differences in the energy cost between children and adults during front crawl swimming

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Different skeletal muscle HSP70 responses to high-intensity strength training and low-intensity endurance training

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Differentiating swelling and hypertrophy through indirect assessment of muscle damage in untrained men following repeated bouts of resistance exercise

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Do gender differences exist in the ventilatory response to progressive exercise in males and females of average fitness?

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Early resistance training-induced increases in muscle cross-sectional area are concomitant with edema-induced muscle swelling

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