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The European Physical Journal B (EPJ B) publishes regular articles and colloquia in Condensed Matter and Complex Systems. The range of topics includes: Solid State and MaterialsMesoscopic and Nanoscale SystemsComputational MethodsStatistical and Nonlinear Physicsand Interdisciplinary PhysicsFor a complete list, please check the Aims and Scope (via the link in the righthand column).Commonly used title abbreviations: Eur. Phys. J. B, Eur.Phys.J.B, EPJB, EPJ B Accessible in over 8000 institutions world wideOnline publication in 30 days Expert and fast editorial handlingRejection rate: approx. 65% Easy submission system No page chargesOpen Access option availableFree EPJ app available on iTunes and Google Play Store It has an SJR impact factor of 0,379.

The European Physical Journal B focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: quantum, coupled, intervalley, hybridizationnoiseinduced, model, mott, neuronsinteger, nonexcitable, nonlocal, periodic, ...

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The European Physical Journal B


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Aims and Scope

quantum, coupled, intervalley, hybridizationnoiseinduced, model, mott, neuronsinteger, nonexcitable, nonlocal, periodic, random, resonance, sisio, splittings, states, strip, synchronization, structuresmodeling, studies, absorbing, effect, bidirectionally, boundariestimedependent, coherence, collective, complex, continuum, decisionmaking, dot, dynamics, anderson, electron, environmentsmodulating, exclusion, feedbackpersistent, finite, fractional, hall,

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