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Physica Status Solidi (B): Basic Research is a journal indexed in SJR in Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials and Condensed Matter Physics with an H index of 116. It has a price of 3150 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,401 and it has a best quartile of Q3. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 0,401.

Physica Status Solidi (B): Basic Research focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: pressure, investigated, investigation, leds, magnetoconductivity, molecular, multiwalled, nanotubesoptical, nipisuperstructure, ohmic, ...

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Physica Status Solidi (B): Basic Research


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Aims and Scope

pressure, investigated, investigation, leds, magnetoconductivity, molecular, multiwalled, nanotubesoptical, nipisuperstructure, ohmic, physics, inganbased, properties, pt, reactions, sicfewelectron, singlemolecule, solar, states, statistical, tellurideoptical, crystals, almetallic, based, bombarded, breaking, carbon, cells, complexes, contacts, copper, acceptor, cu, defective, dependent, donor, electron, gallium, growth, hydrostatic,

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Stranski-Krastanow growth of stacked GaN quantum dots with intense photoluminescence

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Kondo resonances in an Aharonov-Bohm ring with an in-line quantum dot

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Modelling and simulation of multi-phase effects on X-ray elasticity constants

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Control of electron density in InN by Si doping and optical properties of Si-doped InN

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Nonequilibrium dynamic transition and relevant critical exponents of an Ising spin system subject to an oscillating field

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Adaptive finite element method for simulation of optical nano structures

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Homogeneous linewidth of quantum well excitonsfrom resonance fluorescence spectra

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Ellipsometry from infrared to vacuum ultraviolet: Structural properties of thin anisotropic guanine films on silicon

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The effect of a nonmagnetic cap layer on the spin-polarized tunneling and magnetoresistance in double-barrier planar junctions

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ESD thresholds for KCl

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Phase diagrams and the thermal variations of the order-parameters in the mixed spin-1 and spin- ising model on the Bethe lattice

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Transverse Stark effect of electrons in a semiconducting quantum wire

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First-principle simulations of the electronic structure of copper-based oxide superconductors

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Angular dependence of the in-plane polarization anisotropy in the absorption coefficient of strainedM-plane GaN films on gamma-LiAlO2

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Influence of oxygen on luminescence and vibrational spectra of Mg-doped GaN

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Possible effect of incommensurate spin fluctuations on the normal state properties of Sr2RuO4

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The electronic Fermi surfacee3 of aluminium under moderate compression

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Growth of GaN ona-plane sapphire: in-plane epitaxial relationships and lattice parameters

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Many-body and overlayer effects on surface optical properties

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Momentum Distribution of the Uniform Electron Gas and Its Proper Parametrization

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Many-body dispersion interactions for periodic systems based on maximally localized Wannier functions: Application to graphene/water systems

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Field-compensated quaternary InAlGaN/GaN quantum wells

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Many-electron operator approach in the solid state theory

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Impurity breakdown under transverse runaway of hot electrons

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